Candidate Assessment Scorecard Example & Template

  • The Case for Part-Time (and No, It’s Not Obamacare), September, 2014, FlexProfessionals. How the adoption of part-time jobs, when created and offered for the right reasons — to stimulate business growth versus taking advantage of a government loophole — can be a “win-win” for companies and employees.
  • 5 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 5 Years, August, 2014, James O’Brien, Mashable. James O’Brien writes about how human resources experts predict significant change in the workforce over the next half-decade. Ellen Grealish of FlexProfessionals weighs in on how millennials and baby boomers alike are contributing to the shift.
  • Hiring Contractors Without Getting Into Trouble, February, 2012, Katherine Reynolds Lewis, The New York Times. Understanding the legal implications of hiring independent contractors and the best way to structure these hires within small businesses is highlighted in this New York Times article.
  • Check out the results of our 2016 Small Business Staffing Survey to get insight on how other small businesses staff for their business needs. Results include “best advice” sections where survey respondents share their advice on recruiting and screening candidates.