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Deliver an untapped, highly-qualified talent pool looking for rewarding flexible work to employers embracing flexible, supportive, and diverse work environments as part of a competitive talent acquisition strategy. We are committed to successfully matching the needs of both the job seeker and employer.

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Flexible Staffing Solutions for Businesses

Part-time | Full-time Flexible | Project-based

FlexProfessionals provides staffing and recruiting services to employers that embrace flexibility as part of a competitive talent acquisition strategy. Our network is comprised of over 25,000+ experienced job seekers, including many women and caregivers, who prioritize companies that offer flexible and supportive work environments. We help you gain access to this untapped talent pool of experienced professionals who will hit the ground running and create immediate value.

Our vast network of highly vetted professionals includes both those seeking part-time work and those seeking full-time flexible work (hybrid or remote). Whether you are looking to hire on an hourly or permanent basis or need help with a long-term project, we have candidates that can scale up or down based on your business needs.

We work with thousands of employers of every size and across many industries in the Boston and Washington, DC Metro areas (including Maryland and Virginia). Our clients come back to us because of our high-touch process, exceptional customer service, and track record of consistently delivering experienced and dedicated candidates that exceed expectations.

Meaningful Work at Companies that Embrace Flexibility

Part-time | Full-time Flexible | Project-based

When FlexProfessionals reviews your resume, we see possibilities. We are dedicated to matching professionals seeking rewarding part-time or full-time flexible work to employers embracing flexible, supportive, and diverse work environments. We help our job seekers remain in the workforce, confidently return to work after a career break, or successfully transition to a new field.

We work with exceptional talent like you, who are often managing the demands of caring for children, aging parents, or other family members. We also work with seasoned professionals who are looking to share their expertise on a part-time basis while pursuing other interests. We believe that there should be more options than traditional full-time workweeks and office-only attendance, or not working at all. 

Whatever is driving your need for flexibility, we believe flexibility is essential to keeping you in the workforce or accelerating your return.

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The Proof is in the Numbers

Our high-touch approach results in our clients using our services and referring us to others.

Our candidates successfully complete their assignment or join our clients’ teams as permanent employees.

4 in 10 of the job seekers we place are returning to work after an extended career break.

We are your diversity partner, attracting women of all ages and races with rich professional and volunteer experiences.

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Here's What People Have Been Saying...

Having moved here from out of state, I thought it would be impossible to find meaningful part-time work in my chosen field. Words cannot even express my appreciation for what has transpired in the past year and a half. I was ready to hang up my professional "hat", but I felt like you and your staff were looking out for me, contacting me with interesting and flexible opportunities to help keep me in the working world. I feel like I've won the lottery in finding this role. This is exactly the kind of work I've always wanted to do.Thank you so, so much for what you and your company have done for me.

Laura B.FlexProfessionals Candidate

We hired a part-time candidate who not only had bookkeeping skills, but a strong understanding of the technology industry from a former career. This allowed her to better understand our business, quickly tackle our bookkeeping needs, and make an impact in a very short period of time.

Jeremy FarberPresident and Founder of Securis

I am so thankful for having found FlexProfessionals to help with my job search! After spending an extended time at home it was a daunting task to re-enter the workplace, especially during a difficult recession. Working with FlexProfessionals, within one month I had two opportunities that resulted in great job offers. The best part of all is that the one I chose enables me to work part-time and maintain a great balance between work and family time. I highly recommend FlexProfessionals to all part-time job seekers!

Linda M.FlexProfessionals Candidate

We've seen such value from the part-time candidates we have hired through FlexProfessionals. They are extremely qualified and eager to find a meaningful role that can accommodate their work-life balance requirements. Working with the staff at FlexProfessionals, Evolver expectations have consistently been exceeded by the quality of candidates and the affordability of the process. It is a win-win-win for Evolver, the candidates, and FlexProfessionals.

Mike O'KaneFounder of Evolver Inc.

It is exciting to be able to join the team, but I am forever grateful for the backing of FlexProfessionals for all these years. I love the support I have gotten from you and your colleagues. You all saved me from sitting in my house staring at the computer and wondering how to get a job after all of these years?? It is such an overwhelming feeling when you have been out of the workforce for as long as I was. I took some classes with Flex to help me with my approach, my resume and everything else. Every time I started thinking that I would never find a job, I would be contacted by someone at FlexProfessionals with a possible opportunity. You all gave me hope and kept me going.

Barrett O'ConnorFlexProfessionals Candidate

I can speak from my own experience working with FlexProfessionas—the answer is growth! The high-quality, short-term resources you’ve been able to provide us have allowed me to support new and expanded client needs with confidence rather than having to do it myself, which has allowed me to be free to continue to grow clients and staff within our woman-owned small business. Thank you for being such an awesome partner!

Jennifer StanfordCEO, Emergent Performance Solutions

I am so glad I found FlexProfessionals! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to reenter the workforce. In this era of application portals and job boards, it's been great to be able to actually TALK with recruiting experts who genuinely care and want to help me find a fulfilling job that aligns with my skills and goals. I am so grateful for their insightful and personalized guidance.

Diane Van DykeFlexProfessionals Candidate

FlexProfessionals is the real deal! With an authentic and knowledgeable staff, this company lives out not only its name but also its mission in every area. They work tirelessly to help employers and future employees find the perfect fit. I recently participated in one of their free webinars around resume updates and learned a ton of great tips that I'll be taking to my resume. Both employers and anyone looking for a job in the DMV and Boston—please do yourself a favor and reach out!

Amy Corcoran

I had the pleasure of working with Flex Professionals as I made my transition back into my field of business. The process working with their dedicated team was smooth and seamless. My recruiter followed up with calls, asked the right questions, noted everything I was seeking in my career and put it all into place for me. They successfully secured me an interview and job offer with a top-notch firm. I was then able to accept the job offer after going through a series of negotiations, all of which they handled professionally and in a timely manner. They go above and beyond to help you pursue your desired career path. I now have an amazing opportunity to progress in my profession and I couldn’t have done it without Flex Professionals!

Julie Turner

I recently had a great experience working with FlexProfessionals during a resume review session. Miss Sheila was very patient, kind, and professional, taking the time to answer all of my questions and even offering to help in the future. She gave me some helpful advice on how to reduce any redundancy in my resume and took the time to explain the STAR method for answering interview questions. Overall, it was a positive and rewarding experience and they deserve a 5-star rating.

Yinka Aremu

Flex Professionals was an amazing firm to work with. I had been out of the work force for 7 years and they gave me the confidence and resources needed to find a job. They help you through the whole process with recruiters, seminars, optional classes and more! They are the whole package when it comes to recruiting!

Sarah deKowzan

I’ve worked with Flex Professionals intermittently for nearly 8 years and have had a phenomenal experience with every interaction. The team is responsive, identifies the right client to meet my skills, and the compensation is competitive. They are true to their brand of flexible work opportunities and are great to work with.

Robin Burns

FlexProfessionals is a truly unique recruiting agency. When you work with any of their recruiters, you are tended to, and guided—these women truly care about their recruits and their clients. You'll never be ghosted, you won't feel like just another butt in the chair so they can meet their commission. I was returning to the job market after being away for more than a year. I am also an older recruit but that did not hinder FlexProfessionals for even one moment, to help me find the right placement. I am now in a company that truly values me and my experience, where my contribution is recognized. I am a career executive assistant, and supporting a C-suite CEO who fully utilizes, values, and stretches my EA skills and talents is what I have sought throughout my career. FlexProfessionals found my unicorn and I could not be happier. Work with this group, you will be so glad you did!

Mary Jo Bull

FlexProfessionals is just what the working mom/grandmother needs. As a young mom and grandmother, I resigned from my last federal job because it wasn't flexible and the mandate to go back into the office made it impossible to have a work/life balance. Long commutes and DC traffic caused major fatigue and anxiety every day. FlexProfessionals came just in time and offered me a flexible part-time position and that allowed me to be there for my daughter and granddaughter and take care of my home responsibilities that go neglected during the day from being in the office.

Marcelle F.

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