A Misunderstood Talent Pool is a Missed Opportunity for Employers

07/09/2015 by Gwenn Rosener

June, 2017, FlexProfessionals, LLC

“If you don’t want to work hard, I can’t help you.”  The words stung as they spilled out of the mouth of one of DC’s leading search firm executives.  It did not matter that I had an advanced degree in engineering, an MBA and 15 years of work experience.  The fact that I was searching for a part-time position, in his mind, was a non-starter.  I was not worth his time.  I sheepishly left his office feeling guilty, humiliated and mostly misunderstood.

That day and those words helped launch FlexProfessionals.  They helped crystalize in our minds the opportunity employers were missing by overlooking this misunderstood talent pool.   After seven years of recruiting and placing seasoned professionals into meaningful part-time positions, we have come to understand the qualifications, motivations and exceptional value these candidates bring to businesses, especially small growing businesses that can’t afford full-time.  Let’s start with some statistics…

Of the 10,000+ candidates who are seeking part-time positions through FlexProfessionals in the DC area:

  • 98% have bachelor’s degrees.
  • Over 5000 have master’s degrees and over 300 have PhDs.
  • Close to 2000 have MBAs and over 600 have CPAs.
  • Over half have achieved a position of Manager, Director or higher.
  • Many have worked in companies known for their work ethic including over 600 who have worked for Big 4 accounting firms.
  • Most are seeking part-time to help balance work and caregiving needs for dependent children and/or elderly family members.

These are not characteristics of prospective employees who “don’t want to work hard.”  On the contrary, these candidates offer advantages that go beyond their professionals credentials.  Specifically, many of the businesses with whom we work say that what sets this talent pool apart and makes them worth hiring are:

Staying Power – Candidates in this pool know that good part-time work is not easy to find, so when they find a quality position that offers flexibility, they stick.  Their motivations often differ from traditional full-time job seekers.  They are in a place in their careers where they want to use their skills, be productive and contribute to a mission in which they believe, but they are not seeking a job as a training ground, or a stepping stone or a path to the top rungs on a ladder.  They have “been there and done that” and have proven track records to show for it.  Increasingly we see small businesses turning to this pool to bring some stability to a restless workforce that is focused on the “next thing.”

Bargain Expertise – Our clients have used terms like, “rock star”, “life saver” and “gem,” to describe candidates in this pool and frequently are amazed at the immediate impact these resources have on their businesses.   These candidates don’t need training, have honed knowledge in their fields and have the practical experience to quickly read situations and get the job done.  Yet top dollar pay is not as important to them as flexibility and work environment, so in many cases, their hourly rates or required salaries are a fraction of traditional full-time employees.  As one small business owner put it, “these are talent levels that I could not afford otherwise.”

Hyper Focus – Our candidates must have 10+ years of work experience to register with us, so by definition they are “mature.”  But with that maturity comes something highly valued by our small business clients – “No Drama.”  These candidates have a job to do in a reduced period of time and they are hyper-focused.  They don’t waste time with gossip or water cooler talk.  With a decade of experience, they know the core values of a professional work environment including responsiveness, respect for others’ time, follow-through and a can-do attitude, characteristics that are not a given in today’s workplace.  They are results focused and in many cases, our clients tell us, get more done than the full-time staffers do.

Hyper focus, bargain expertise and staying power translate for employers to improved retention, productivity and lower staffing costs.   We’re seeing more and more entrepreneurial and small businesses embracing seasoned part-time professionals as an integral part of a cost-effective staffing model.  So what do we tell our prospective clients about this part-time talent pool?  “If you want someone who will work hard and so much more, we can help you!”

Gwenn Rosener is one of the co-founders of FlexProfessionals, LLC, a niche staffing company that specializes in sourcing professionals for part-time, project-based and flexible work arrangements at a fraction of traditional employee costs. Contact: gwenn@flexpro.wpengine.com.

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