A New Strategy For Hiring in Today’s Tight Labor Market

12/10/2018 by ellen grealish

With unemployment hovering at an all-time low, recruiting and hiring managers are having to get creative to find, attract and retain good talent. While robust compensation packages, flexible hours, and generous PTO are all incentives companies are using to attract potential employees, it’s not always enough.

This is where a new strategy can help.  Offering permanent or hourly part-time opportunities will give you access to a whole new group of talent that you wouldn’t otherwise have. There are thousands of stay-at-home moms, caregiving Dads, or babyboomers that have had to ‘opt out’ of the workforce because of a lack of part-time work opportunities. Now is the time for companies to bring them back into the workforce and benefit from the value they can offer. Why have a spot go vacant for months or even years when you can fill it now with either a temporary (or permanent) part-time employee who is experienced and dedicated, and whose loyalty will be equal to your most prized employee?  Here are just a few examples of the kinds of candidates recently hired into part-time roles by DC Metro companies. Keep in mind, these companies would have never had access to this seasoned talent had they stuck to the traditional full-time hiring strategy.

  • Babyboomer with over 25 years of experience in proposal/contracts management for the federal government and contracting world who wanted to stay engaged but cut back in work hours
  • Highly successful President’s Club sales rep for a technology company who took 6 years off to raise children and now that kids are a bit older, is ready to get back into the workforce part-time
  • Marketing executive who no longer needed the stress and hours associated with managing a team and found part-time, individual contributor work to maintain better work/life balance
  • CPA and experienced controller who desired to scale back to part-time bookkeeping work for a small company. Reduced, flexible hours allow her to care for ailing parent

The icing on the cake is that not only are their salary requirements extremely competitive when compared to full-time employees, but they typically do not need or seek benefits. Sound too good to be true? It’s not! In this tight labor market, change the way you think about hiring.  A one-size, full-time model will leave you not only struggling to fill your job requisitions but have you missing out on some of the best and most affordable talent out there.

Ellen Grealish is Co-Founder/Partner of FlexProfessionals, LLC, a niche staffing agency that matches professionals seeking meaningful, flexible work with growing businesses looking for top talent. Contact: ellen@flexprofessionalsllc.com.

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