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Top 5 Myths About Part-Time Workers

Concerns about hiring part-time employees? Read our guest blog on regarding the myths often associated with these resources.


Companies looking for part-time experienced workers are often in a “high-growth stage” but “hesitant to invest in human capital,….” says Ellen Grealish, co-founder of FlexProfessionals, LLC. Read her excerpt from an article highlighted by both ABC News and CBS News,

Are You Taking Steps to Ease the Crash of Your ‘Retirement Wave’?

The government got it right on this one. A recent Washington Post article highlights a new voluntary government program that allows retirement eligible employees to work part-time before fully retiring, allowing them to transfer crucial information to less experienced workers. Not taking proactive steps to address the impending brain-drain places some organizations in substantial risk.

The Case for Part-Time (and No, It’s Not Obamacare)

July 17th, 2014, FlexProfessionals, LLC. How the adoption of part-time jobs, when created and offered for the right reasons — to stimulate business growth versus taking advantage of a government loophole — can be a “win-win” for companies and employees.

FlexProfessionals Named a Top 100 Company for Remote Jobs

January 21, 2015, Brie Weiler Reynolds, FlexJobs. FlexProfessionals is listed among the top 100 of companies to watch for remote job opportunities in 2015, based on analysis of over 30,000 companies and their job posting activity during last year.

Age Discrimination- How to Handle It in Your Job Search

September 26, 2014, Kathy Caprino, Contributor, Kerry Hannon, AARP Jobs Expert, shares her take on age bias and highlights FlexProfessionals as an agency that has been successful placing seasoned workers into meaningful jobs.

5 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 5 Years

August 25, 2014, James O’Brien, Mashable. O’Brien writes about how human resources experts predict significant change in the workforce over the next half-decade. Ellen Grealish of FlexProfessionals weighs in on how millennials and baby boomers alike are contributing to the shift.