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Bring Balance Back to the Hiring Process – How to Find, Win, and Keep New Talent in a Tight Market

Job Interview

The talent market has been knocked off-kilter, with a heavy advantage for job seekers. In this ultra-tight labor market transformed by a new embrace of virtual work, jobseekers have unprecedented power and are socking employers with the highest quit rate on record, ghosting interviews and job starts, and being vocal regarding stiff demands for flexibility,… Read more »

A Misunderstood Talent Pool is a Missed Opportunity for Employers

misunderstood talent pool

“If you don’t want to work hard, I can’t help you.” The words stung as they spilled out of the mouth of one of DC’s leading search firm executives. It did not matter that I had an advanced degree in engineering, an MBA and 15 years of work experience. The fact that I was searching for a part-time position, in his mind, was a non-starter…

Kids are Back in School – Is This Your Year to Get Back to Work? Here are 5 Tips to Get Ready.

September is one of our favorite months at FlexProfessionals.  It is a time when we experience a quiet surge in registrants and our candidate pool fills with talented stay-at-home moms (and dads) who decide, “This is the year!”  This is the year when the kids are independent enough, when the professional restlessness is strong enough,… Read more »