Success Story – Clover Contracting Inc

logo-8Industry: Residential & commercial plumbing, heating & air conditioning

Part-Time Placements: Operations strategist, administrative assistant

Why Part-Time?

  • Alternative to expensive consultants
  • Bring in a more senior or experienced resource on a limited budget

Owner needed an experienced professional to strategically review their operational procedures and make recommendations on how to streamline processes and gain efficencies. Hiring a traditional senior consultant would have cost the business upwards of $100 per hour which was not in the initial budget. Clover turned to FlexProfessionals who provided them a candidate, Rebecca, with 12 years project management experience at Accenture. Rebecca was seeking part-time projects that gave her the flexibility to be home when she needed to. She was brought in for a 3-month, part-time assignment at a pay rate well below what traditional consultants require. However given Rebecca’s depth of experience, she was able to develop an operations plan within the time period assigned. Rebecca continues to work on a part-time basis with Clover overseeing the execution of the operational plan. In addition, Clover hired Patricia, a part-time service coordinator to perform administrative and office support activities to support the Service division. Given that Patricia was a budget analyst and finance and accounting manager earlier in her ‘full-time’ career, she has been able to go beyond the initial job description and take on additional responsibilities when the business requires it.

“Hiring part-time resources for our business has increased our productivity significantly. I would not have been able to find or afford the level of talent that I recently brought into the organization otherwise. It is a wonderful option for small business owners”

Dan McGuire, Owner