Success Story – IT Cadre

logo20140502Industry: Systems engineering and software development firm working primarily with government agencies

Part-Time or Flexible Placements: Director of business development (government), director of finance & contracts, account representative, business development (commercial), marketing manager, systems engineer

Why Part-Time?

  • Support next phase of growth without making an initial significant investment
  • Free up resources to focus on more important strategic issues

Company was approaching its next phase of growth and was awarded a large contract. CEO no longer had the bandwidth to continue to build the sales pipeline on his own. In order to find someone with the experience and government contracting background needed, they knew they would have to pay well into the six figures. However, they were unsure they could sustain and cost justify a VP of Business Development at that time but knew they were going to need someone eventually.

The client chose to hire Linda, a FlexProfessionals candidate, to work 20-hours per week at less than half the cost of a full-time person. While Linda had over 15 years of sales and government experience from places like PRC/Litton (Northrop Grumman), GTE, and Zenith, she had elected to take a 10-year break from the workforce and was looking to re-enter in a flexible way. Linda hit the ground running. She reached out to former colleagues, many of whom had been promoted over the years and were now in positions of authority. As a result, she was able to make an immediate impact despite the ‘gap’ in her resume. Over the last five years, she has helped to secure millions of dollars worth of business and has been promoted to Director of Business Development. IT Cadre realized such value from the initial part-time placement that they have hired a Director of Finance & Contracts, Marketing Manager, Engineer, and two additional business development resources into part-time or full-time flexible positions over the last five years.

“The value proposition is that we get these really talented people that start part-time and they provide us a level of experience, maturity and talent that we wouldn’t otherwise get. For the cost of somebody at half-time we’d probably pay an entry-level junior person full-time but they’re learning on the job, you don’t have the benefit of years of expertise. We’ve been literally able to bring people into the company two or three years earlier than we otherwise could have and had them grow their positions as we expand our business.” 

Mark Madigan, CEO