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Bring Balance Back to the Hiring Process – How to Find, Win, and Keep New Talent in a Tight Market

Job Interview

The talent market has been knocked off-kilter, with a heavy advantage for job seekers. In this ultra-tight labor market transformed by a new embrace of virtual work, jobseekers have unprecedented power and are socking employers with the highest quit rate on record, ghosting interviews and job starts, and being vocal regarding stiff demands for flexibility,… Read more »

FlexProfessionals Launches Retool & Return Program with NOVA to Prepare Returning STEM Professionals for In-Demand Tech Jobs

Are you looking to return to a STEM field and update your technology skills? Even with the recent economic downturn, tech talent remains in demand by local companies. Now is the perfect time to retool and return to work! Our experience has shown us that returning STEM professionals who commit to updating their technical skills… Read more »