Our Services

Unlike traditional staffing agencies, we reach out to an ‘untapped’ talent pool of professionals who work at competitive rates and no benefits in exchange for flexible work opportunities. Our candidates are seasoned professionals with 10 or more years of experience and top-notch skills in business areas such as: Finance & Accounting, Administration, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Business Development, Project Management, Web Development, Research & Analysis, Technical & Proposal Writing, Training, and Legal.

Choose if you want to hire a candidate as a direct placement (into your organization) or on an hourly basis through FlexProfessionals, or as a contract-to-perm.

HOW Businesses Win

We work with you to determine how your business can take advantage of the value that exceptional, dependable part-time talent brings.

ACCESS  You get access to a unique talent pool of thousands of experienced professionals who are NOT going through traditional employment channels in their search for meaningful, part-time work.

AFFORDABILITY  Our candidates view flexibility as part of their compensation and will work at competitive rates and no benefits in exchange for the opportunity to work in part-time or flexible roles.

VALUE  Bring in a higher level of experience and education without having to pay top dollar or make a significant, long-term investment. Our candidates have college degrees (many with advanced degrees) and at least 10+ years of professional work experience.

FLEXIBILITY  React quickly to market demands. Ramp up or scale down resources based on your current business needs.

WHEN to Consider FlexProfessionals

FlexProfessionals has worked with hundreds of businesses, non-profits and associations who have already taken advantage of the part-time model. Why did they seek part-time resources? Here are just a few reasons…