Interview Checklist for FlexProfessionals Candidates Interviewing with Our Clients


Prior to Interview

  • Review company web site, if applicable, in order to become familiar with the company’s business model, customers, management team, etc… Check to see if there are any recent articles on the company or its executives. You should know who is interviewing you and his/her role within the company.
  • Check LinkedIn and other professional networking sites to see if the company or the person you are meeting with has a profile listed.
  • Confirm date and time of interview with your FlexProfessionals contact (this will be sent to you via email at least one day before the interview).


Day of Interview

  • Unless otherwise directed, please dress in business attire.
  • Plan to arrive at interview site 10-15 minutes prior to meeting time. Remember how bad traffic can be in the DC metro area!
  • Bring a copy of both your resume and references (even though FlexProfessionals has already e-mailed these to client, it is a good idea to bring a hardcopy).
  • Be prepared to talk about the details of your resume, transitions between jobs, strengths and weaknesses. We suggest you use specifics and examples (versus generalities) as to your accomplishments  and why you feel you are the best candidate for this opportunity.
  • Be prepared to discuss your available schedule, start-date, and salary.
  • Prepare a list of meaningful questions related to the job responsibilities and company in general.


Post Interview

  • Please follow-up with a ‘thank-you’ note or e-mail to the people with whom you interviewed. If you feel there was an area of weakness/concern that you did not adequately address in the interview, now is your opportunity to clarify or re-state your interest in the position.
  • Either e-mail or call your FlexProfessionals contact with feedback/thoughts from the interview (i.e. is this an opportunity you are still interested in, any concerns, etc.).