Frequently Asked Questions from Job Seekers

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions, including information about qualification requirements, types of work arrangements, joining our talent pool, applying for jobs, and the screening and placement process.

Where are your jobs located?

Most of our jobs are currently located in the DC or Boston metro areas; however, we also work with companies outside of these locations if the job is completely remote and the employer agrees to hire you directly.

If I live outside the DC or Boston metro areas, can I be considered for virtual work?

Due to tax and administrative requirements, we work almost exclusively with professionals residing in the DC and Boston metro areas. On a limited basis and through direct hire arrangements, we will place candidates living outside the Boston and DC metro areas. Our business clients tend to hire locally, even for virtual opportunities, to encourage participation in on-site meetings and events.

How do you define part-time?

Part-time ranges from as many as 32 hours/week to as few as 10 hours/month.

Do you work with professionals looking for full-time employment?

We do place professionals into full-time work arrangements, as long as the employer agrees to some kind of flexibility. For a job to be considered full-time flexible, the employer must agree to a minimum of 16 hours/week of remote work. The schedule for remote hours is mutually agreed upon by both the employer and the employee. For example, the employer and employee may agree to working from home one day per week, or 6 hours of on-site work each day, with the remaining hours working from home.

Do you work with professionals desiring short-term assignments or freelance or project work?

Yes. We do place professionals with employers that have short-term or on-going, project-based needs. For example, we have placed professionals at client sites to support proposal development efforts, write a marketing plan, conduct an audit, fill in for an employee on maternity leave, etc.

Is FlexProfessionals a temp agency?

No, we are not a temporary service, and we do not source for immediate, temporary assignments that are short in duration. We are a staffing firm that specializes in part-time job placements that typically require 10-32 hours/week. The majority of our jobs are permanent placements.

What types of employers do you work with?

FlexProfessionals works with small, medium, and large businesses in the private, commercial and government contracting sectors. We also work with many non-profits and associations. We have had particular success with small, growing organizations who are also looking for people open to flexible work-arrangements.

What qualifications do I need to be considered for job opportunities through FlexProfessionals?

We typically are looking for a bachelor’s degree and at least 10 years of professional work experience. If you do not have a college degree but have the required years of work experience, we would love to see your resume too.

For what types of jobs do you recruit?

We place professionals in a broad range of business fields, including Finance & Accounting, Administration, Sales & Account Management, Marketing/Public Relations/Communications, Business Development, Project Management, IT and Engineering, Technical & Proposal Writing, Human Resources, Web Development, Graphic Design and Legal. This is only a partial listing. Even if your area of expertise falls outside of the above categories, we encourage you to submit your resume. We source for a wide variety of great, meaningful jobs!

Do you charge a fee to the job seeker, and am I under any obligation to work exclusively with FlexProfessionals?

Absolutely not! When you submit your resume to us, there are NO fees or obligations. All our jobs are posted directly on our website under Job Postings

I am not ready to send my resume yet. Can I still learn about new job openings?

Of course! Join our mailing list and you will receive our weekly job alert email with the latest job listings and events. This is a great way to get a feel for the types of opportunities out there.

Why can’t I see the name of the hiring organization on the job posting?

Companies and nonprofits work with us to help them streamline the hiring process. If the role seems like a good fit during our interview process, we will share the name of the organization and other helpful information so that you can research them prior to interviewing.

What is the best way to apply for a job?

The best way to apply for a job is to go to our Job Postings page and apply online. It is a simple and quick process, and you can even include a cover letter in the comments section. By applying online, our entire team will immediately know that you are interested in a job, and they will have direct access to your information. We review every application that comes into our system, and we will reach out to you if we think there is a fit between your skills and experiences and our business client’s needs.

Do the companies that are hiring through FlexProfessionals provide benefits?

If you are hired as an hourly employee of FlexProfessionals, you will receive no benefits. If you are hired directly by the employer, benefits eligibility is based on the policies of the employer.

Are there other ways to connect with FlexProfessionals to improve my chances of being placed?

The often-impersonal nature of the job search process can be frustrating to job seekers. We also know that the more candidates we meet, the better job we do filling our business clients’ needs for talent. In an effort to better support and connect with our candidates, we host events such as webinars and virtual meetups to share information with each other. 

Do you offer any job search support services?

We regularly host events to support you in your job search. Our webinars are live, small-group experiences designed with career re-entry and career transition professionals in mind. We also have compiled a comprehensive Job Search Toolkit to help as you transition or return to work. This includes Job Search, Work Productivity, and Technical resources that will help you land a job you love.