The Hardest Work I’ve Ever Done

Sheila Murphy shares her journey towards becoming a co-founder/partner of #FlexProfessionals with Hub Dot, a company bringing women together and giving them the freedom to explore and start a conversation that begins ‘What is your story?”

Work-Life Equation Podcast: Returning to Work

In this first “on-the-go” podcast by Bright Horizons, Sheila Murphy, Partner/Co-Founder of FlexProfessionals, discusses returning to work after parental leave or longer career breaks.

Can’t Find the Right Candidate? Here’s Where to Look…

July, 2017, FlexProfessionals, LLC If you consider only full-time hires as part of your organizational structure, your business is missing out on some really smart and affordable talent. Who are they? They’re a growing number of individuals, from various stages of life, who specifically want and value part-time as they raise children, take care of an ailing parent,… Read more »