Top 5 Myths About Part-Time Workers

Concerns about hiring part-time employees? Read our guest blog on regarding the myths often associated with these resources.

A Misunderstood Talent Pool is a Missed Opportunity for Employers

“If you don’t want to work hard, I can’t help you.” The words stung as they spilled out of the mouth of one of DC’s leading search firm executives. It did not matter that I had an advanced degree in engineering, an MBA and 15 years of work experience. The fact that I was searching for a part-time position, in his mind, was a non-starter…


Companies looking for part-time experienced workers are often in a “high-growth stage” but “hesitant to invest in human capital,….” says Ellen Grealish, co-founder of FlexProfessionals, LLC. Read her excerpt from an article highlighted by both ABC News and CBS News,

Are You Taking Steps to Ease the Crash of Your ‘Retirement Wave’?

The government got it right on this one. A recent Washington Post article highlights a new voluntary government program that allows retirement eligible employees to work part-time before fully retiring, allowing them to transfer crucial information to less experienced workers. Not taking proactive steps to address the impending brain-drain places some organizations in substantial risk.

QUIZ: Which Type of TV Boss Are You?

Do you ever wonder just what type of leader you are? Maybe your workplace personality resembles Michael Scott, the well-intentioned goofball boss from The Office. Or are you more like empathetic Lorelai from Gilmore Girls? There are dozens of different employers on beloved television series, but which popular TV boss most closely matches your leadership style?

FlexProfessionals Expands to Boston Metro Area

PRESS RELEASE, March 23, 2015. FlexProfessionals, LLC is expanding its services to the Boston metro area. Launched in 2010, this niche staffing company specializing in part-time and flexible placements, is becoming a “go-to” talent source for entrepreneurial and small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to support their growth.