5 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 5 Years

August 25, 2014, James O’Brien, Mashable. O’Brien writes about how human resources experts predict significant change in the workforce over the next half-decade. Ellen Grealish of FlexProfessionals weighs in on how millennials and baby boomers alike are contributing to the shift.

7 Ways Women Can Opt Back into the Workforce

August 14, 2013, Kerry Hannon, Contributor, Forbes.com. Writer Kerry Hannon’s second career tip for re-entry professionals: start your own business. Kerry uses FlexProfessionals as an example of how 3 re-entry moms started a successful business out of their efforts to find meaningful, part-time work.

More Loudoun Women Seeking to Return to the Workforce

October 24, 2012, Therese Howe, Leesburg Today/Loudoun Business. Leesburg Today article highlights how FlexProfessionals’ model is a win-win for both growing businesses and experienced professionals looking for work flexibility.