7 Ways Women Can Opt Back into the Workforce

August 14, 2013, Kerry Hannon, Contributor, Forbes.com. Writer Kerry Hannon’s second career tip for re-entry professionals: start your own business. Kerry uses FlexProfessionals as an example of how 3 re-entry moms started a successful business out of their efforts to find meaningful, part-time work.

More Loudoun Women Seeking to Return to the Workforce

October 24, 2012, Therese Howe, Leesburg Today/Loudoun Business. Leesburg Today article highlights how FlexProfessionals’ model is a win-win for both growing businesses and experienced professionals looking for work flexibility.

Opening Doors to Part-Time Careers

February 1, 2012, Donna Manz, The Connection Newspapers. In this article, learn how FlexProfessionals got its start and how it is adding value to both businesses and professionals looking for work-life balance.

Hiring Contractors Without Getting Into Trouble

February 1, 2012, Katherine Reynolds Lewis, The New York Times. Understanding the legal implications of hiring independent contractors and the best way to structure these hires within small businesses is highlighted in this New York Times article.

Why Temporary Work Is Worth It

January, 19, 2012, Kerry Hannon, Forbes.com. Kerry Hannon writes about how project work can open doors to more permanent work. She highlights FlexProfessionals’ success as proof of this theory.