Process & Pricing

Learn About the Process

Finding and hiring the right people can take significant time and effort. Fortunately, we have been experts in recruiting and flexible staffing for over a decade, so let us do the upfront work to free up your valuable time. From creating job descriptions to conducting initial screens to setting up interviews and running background and reference checks.  The most difficult part of the process for you will be selecting from such an exceptional pool of talent!

Our high-touch approach to staffing, where we spend time understanding the needs and requirements of both the employer and candidate, has resulted in a placement success rate of 95%. We are confident that our candidates will surpass your expectations and add value to your business.

Here is brief overview of our unique, high-touch process:

  • We get to know you, your company, and details of the position you would like filled. We document the job description, compensation, hours required, location, schedule, etc.
  • We post your job on our website and include it in our weekly newsletter which circulates to over 25,000 people in our network.
  • We search for candidates within our database who have the skills we believe would be a good fit. As part of our high-touch approach, we conduct both phone and in-person/virtual interviews before presenting candidates for your review.
  • We send you the bios and resumes from those who most closely fit your needs.
  • You select the candidates that you would like to interview, either by phone or in-person.  We arrange interviews based on your schedule and preferred location.
  • When you find the perfect candidate, you may hire him/her directly into your organization or on an hourly basis through FlexProfessionals where we take care of payroll and taxes—making it super easy for you!
  • Once an offer has been made and accepted, we conduct a basic criminal background check and reference checks.

Learn About the Pricing

You may hire a candidate as a direct placement (into your organization) or on an hourly basis through FlexProfessionals. At any point, you can choose to convert an hourly candidate over to a direct employee. To learn more about our pricing for both direct and hourly placements, please Contact Us or Request a Call and one of our Account Executives will contact you shortly.