Success Story – Securis

logoIndustry: Data destruction and electronics recycling for government and commercial sectors

Why Part-Time?

  • Growing rapidly with tight budgets and cash flow. Needed cost-effective resources to build solid back-office platform for growth
  • Franchising and needed additional resources to support incremental marketing efforts for expansion

Company was growing rapidly and planning to franchise to increase its national footprint.  Much of the accounting, marketing and human resource functions were being done by administrative assistant and CEO.  Complexity of operations was increasing and company needed a more robust and standardized back office to support expansion and future requirements of franchise operations.   Because of the large investment in franchising, cash flow and budgets were tight.

Over a 3 year period, CEO built a high-performing back office staffed with part-time professionals who brought significant expertise to their functional areas.  His part-time staff included:

  • Bookkeeper 20 hours per week to manage day-to-day accounting
  • CFO 10 to 20 hours per month to analyze financial reports, manage accounting processes and cash flow
  • Project-based Technical Writer to document standardized procedures for franchise operations
  • Marketing Manager 20 hours per week to manage B2B marketing and communications
  • Social Media Specialist 10 hours per week to support social media and SEO for franchisees
  • Recruiter 5 to 10 hours per week to recruit for key positions

Company launched franchise marketing in early 2014 and has 7 franchises up and running with many more to come over the next year.  Support functions have been able to grow incrementally, working additional hours to support increased workload from franchise operations.

“We hired a part-time candidate who not only had bookkeeping skills, but a strong understanding of the technology industry from a former career.  This allowed her to better understand our business, quickly tackle our bookkeeping needs, and make an impact in a very short period of time.” ”

Jeremy Farber, President and Founder, Securis