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A.L. (Arlington, VA)

A.L. has 15+ years of experience providing executive-level support in the areas of customer service and membership management. From 2010-2018, she served as Quality Assurance Director at a prominent healthcare research, consulting and technology company. She supported the CEO by managing 400+ peer-to-peer executive relationship conversations annually for the purposes of improving member experience, supporting overall member retention, and driving organizational product development. From 2002-2009 A.L. handled all contract negotiations at The Advisory Board Company, from intake to successful contract execution, as well as company-wide HIPAA compliance. She developed and delivered the company’s first-ever HIPAA training program for both new and existing employees. She is fluent in French and has held several positions that capitalized on her French language fluency, most notably in the Embassy Banking Division of Riggs Bank. She holds an MA from American University and a BA from Middlebury College.

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