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B.B. (Acton, MA)

B.B. is an experienced marketing professional.  She has planned and executed for a wide range of companies, from global and national corporations to start-ups. Her areas of expertise include strategy development, content creation, brand identity, digital marketing, budget allocation and management, B2B, global campaigns and project management. She was in charge of all regional marketing efforts for the AT&T subsidiary, resulting in considerable subscriber and revenue growth. B.B. developed a new brand identity, content strategy and a product launch campaign that generated substantial qualified leads and conversions for the technology start up. In one of her positions, she managed timely and brand cohesive launches of all Microsoft’s campaigns in 29 international markets. B.B. has served on several non-profit boards in leadership marketing roles where she was focused on growing membership, managing communications and increasing funding. She is proficient in content management, marketing automation and CRM platforms, performance tracking, e-mail marketing and design software. B.B. has a degree in Marketing Management from University of Belgrade, and a Professional Certified Marketer (PCM) accreditation by American Marketing Association.

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