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C.R. (Woburn, MA)

A Harvard Fellow and a graduate of Babson College. She has a degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, which has provided a proven track record of helping entrepreneurial companies realize their vision. She has thrived when immersed in new industries and has experience in Banking, Education, Software, Telecomm, Nanotechnology, Recruiting, and Health. She has also relocated 8 companies, mostly to Boston proper. Her expertise in business design stems from her commitment to innovation and ability to reveal company needs by partnering with internal, as well as external clients. She has primarily built operational departments in the last 20 years – to include HR, benefits, recruiting, state-specific compliance, training, finance, budgeting, payroll, and legal. C.R. has most recently been consulting for a variety of companies – including Sibilance, Mavenir, and BCBS. She recruited C-level candidates for focus groups and other marketing projects. Starting in 2015, C.R. managed 8 employees and hired 6 additional Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy team members, as she expanded to an additional 9 states and 7 days a week with a business increase of 55% in the first year and 78% YOY for 2018. Between 2009 and 2014, she established an additional line of business for a marketing firm by recruiting employees (10, in different states and countries) for an ATT project. This produced an additional $4M revenue per year. She extended this solution to Santander Bank, which produced an additional $1M per year. She is proficient in Apple and PC environments (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access), is certified in HRIS (Kronos, ADP, and Paychex), and an expert in QuickBooks. Fluent in Spanish and English.

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