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C.T. (Alexandria, VA)

C.T. has 15+ years of experience in project management, process improvement, and quality control, with a track record of improving operations efficiency and effectiveness. As Director of Product and Program Management at Cibernet from 2004-2006, C.T. increased customer renewals from 26% to 90% and decreased operational headcount 18%. She increased new customer acquisitions 15% in one year by managing international project teams delivering multi-million dollar system and product releases. C.T. developed, implemented, and gained corporate-wide acceptance for project management policies, procedures, and processes necessary to successfully implement products and services from conception through post implementation. During her 4 years with Nextel in senior project management roles, C.T. collaborated with marketing and operations to implement products and services to meet specific business customer needs, increasing sales and customer retention. C.T. reduced operating costs by $10.1M by implementing system enhancement and process improvement initiatives. She oversaw a $20M system release, Nextel’s largest to date, on time and in budget and successfully deployed across 12 national databases. C.T. has an BA from Allegheny College and has completed several continuing education courses, including PMI’s Project Management Body of Work (PMBOK), IT Project Management, APICS Supply Chain Management, Leadership for Results, Customer Management Methodology, Software Management Methodology, and Management Training.

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