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D.M. (McLean, VA)

D.M. (McLean, VA) has 50+ years of diversified business experience, which offers potential solutions to interim business needs – (Partner with Ernst & Young, CFO and CEO of a $60 million import/export company, founder and CEO of a $7 million import/export company, and founder of a vibrant business advisory practice). In his business advisory practice, D.M. currently helps small business owners start,
grow and exit their businesses. Prior to this, in 2000 D.M. purchased the inventory for one product line from his former company, cut his own deal with the Japanese supplier and founded an import/export company, growing it from one product line ($3 million annual sales) to 5 product lines ($7 million annual sales) in 5 years. D.M. sold the business in 2005 to start his business advisory practice. In 1990 D.M.
became the CFO (and later CEO) of a $30 million import/export business, which doubled in size during his time with the company. The owner died in 1999 requiring D.M. to liquidate the company in a timely fashion for the benefit of the owner’s wife. At Ernst & Young, from 1961 to 1990, D.M. served a diversified audit client base working through the ranks from staff accountant to Partner. He has a Bachelors in Finance and Accounting from California State University at Los Angeles and is a CPA.

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