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F.G. (Oakton, VA)

F.G. is a seasoned writer and editor with a strong legislative background and expertise in research and analysis. After leaving college to serve as one of the youngest Congressional Chief of Staffs in the 1980s, F.G. has dedicated his career to writing and editing. He has edited Capitol Hill newsletters and written about fiscal policy, banking, other democracies, and female entrepreneurship. In 2004 he founded ExactingEditor.com to provide writing and editing support to innovative nonfiction writers. In 2016, he created, edited, and co-produced with 6 associates a published book on the post-1970s Congress, with a 2018 edition now in the works. From 2002-2007, F.G. was Publications Director for the Institute that ran planning sessions for the GOP Members of the U.S. House. During 1996-99, he directed technology policy analysis for a think tank where he remains a Senior Fellow. Primary Skills are text editing, audio production (oral histories), in-depth interviewing, legislative analysis, deadline-management, and historical perspective.

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