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H.M. (Norwood, MA)

Customer and Sales Support professional with 20 years of experience and proficiency with an aptitude to take ownership of her role. She holds a bachelor’s degree with honors in Business Administration from Bay State College, Boston. At H.C. Starck, H.M. was exposed to different industrial application fields and developed a wide knowledge of customer culture and needs. She has worked with accounting to clear outstanding accounts, interfaced with manufacturers and warehouses to track shipments, and worked with U.S. Customs to acquire shipping paperwork and to track shipments resulting in on-time deliveries and correct orders. H.M. organized and coordinated national exhibits resulting in an increased customer base and stronger customer relations. At her previous company, she prepared the requirements for annual automotive audits. H.M. is proficient in Microsoft Office and SAP ERP and used these tools to create monthly sales reports, orders, and invoices.

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