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J.M. (Arlington, MA)

Seasoned, enterprise software marketing professional with more than twenty years of experience. Respected as a manager, she is equally comfortable as an individual contributor. An unusually versatile writer, she has been a freelancer since 2009, producing web copy, data sheets, case studies, technical whitepapers, press releases, and email campaigns for long-term clients in software. Her most recent in-house job was as the Director of Marketing for a product group at an enterprise software company in Bedford, MA. She managed product marketing, communications, programs, inside sales, and a multi-million-dollar program budget. She was at that company from 1998 to 2009, recruited into different divisions to bring new product lines to market. From 1996 to 1998, J. M. was a Product Marketing Manager for a document management software company, recruited by a previous boss. Before that, she was the International Marketing Manager for Dragon Systems, a large vocabulary speech recognition software company. One of her earliest software jobs was at XyQUEST; doing technical support for their word processor, XyWrite. The eighth person hired, she spent eight years there, moving from support into marketing and then management. J. M. has a Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University.

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