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J.M. (Westford, MA)

Software engineer with 11+ years’ experience in software development lifecycle management and 2+ years’ experience in technical training development and delivery in large system environments. From 2009-16 J.M. worked with Aetna’s application delivery teams on more than 20 projects focused on business expansion, data extraction and integration for primary healthcare clients. Her work in project estimation, planning, reporting, and timeline management helped meet on-time delivery and accuracy goals for more than six diverse project platforms, resulting in low-defect and defect-free deliveries, as well as peer and management accolades. From 2006-09 J.M. was a senior technical trainer for Coventry Healthcare Systems, successfully integrating the IDX (acquired) application and language training program of more than 25 classes resulting in a $1MM cost savings over a two-year timeframe. In addition, she was a key contributor for 10 new application and business process courses and managed scheduling and future expansion data. In her prior role as Application Programmer Analyst for Coventry, J.M. managed project workflow for the dedicated client services team, resolving production support issues and developing custom client program functionality. J.M. started her career as office and business manager for Timbernest, a college and small dwelling custom loft manufacturer, where she helped optimize inventory, production and online order fulfillment for more than 3000 units annually and collaborated on new product design which resulted in a 10% increase in year over year sales. She has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Vermont and is fluent in Caché Object Script, Visual Basic, .NET, C++, C#, SQL, MS Office, and Visio.

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