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K.C. (Burlington, MA)

A seasoned, self-employed contractor for the government with excellent knowledge of business and accounting practices spanning 25 years.  She is currently a contract Special Investigator for a federal agency independently planning, coordinating and executing background investigations.  K.C. also served as the Assistant Background Coordinator in this position assigning, reviewing and approving reports.  K.C. owns and operates her own contract business, managing all bookkeeping and reporting requirements.  K.C. recently worked on a one year project for a local Board of Health reporting to the director.  The project involved working with a diverse group of volunteers strategizing and organizing recruitment activities as well as scheduling and coordinating meetings.  Prior to that, KC was a Special Investigator for the Federal Government, working in a fast paced environment planning and investigating crimes under title 18 US Criminal Code.  In this position, she was competitively promoted to Team Leader.  K.C. started her career as an auditor with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prior to being recruited as a Special Agent.   She is proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.  K.C. has a B.A. in accounting from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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