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L.M. (Fairfax Station, VA)

Detail-oriented professional educator with a recent Top Secret security clearance. From 2015-2017, L.M. supervised a team of four, responsible for independently developing a comprehensive morale and welfare program addressing eight areas of responsibility for over 100 government employees and their families. She collected data and analyzed trends using a variety of sources, after which she submitted detailed reports to senior leadership. L.M. edited a weekly newsletter, checking its contents for conciseness, clarity and ensuring compliance with current USG policy. She was awarded a Superior Honor award for her leadership and innovation. L.M. also spent over ten years as an educator, planning lessons, delivering content, and reviewing students’ work for completeness and correctness. She led teams to develop customized education plans complying with all state and federal standards. She is proficient in using the Microsoft Office Suite. L.M. has a Masters in Education from Delaware State University and a Bachelors in Education from Shippensburg State University.

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