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M.C. (Boston, MA)

Accomplished, seasoned, high-level scientific professional.  M.C has been a Principal, Sr. Lecturer, Professor and Faculty Consultant on NSF and other grants, nationally and internationally, in the areas of chemical, environmental and materials science, engineering.  She held the positions of Sr. Laboratory Chemist and Safety Officer, Pilot Plant Chemist, Manufacturing Engineer and Sr. Trainer-Communications Manager for chemical, pharmaceutical and biological companies.  M.C. has worked at all levels of government-city, state and federal.  She is a former Consultant to the State Commissioner of Education; was selected for a U.S. EPA appointment to lead a state center; became the Project Engineer on the first resource recovery facility in the nation; managed public health projects for the city, received a commendation for industrial training excellence from the late Senator Ted Kennedy and has garnered national and international teaching awards.  M.C. has undergraduate and graduate degrees and two advanced certificates from six colleges and universities including Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania and MIT.

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