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M.H. (Weymouth, MA) 

Physicist with 15+ years of research background in industry and academia with experience in nonlinear optics, optical and photoacoustic characterization and basic science research on nanofabrication and characterization. For the past 5 years, M.H. has worked as a postdoctoral associate in an academic research lab where she worked with a team of interdisciplinary members and mentored and supervised graduate and undergraduate students and delivered several publications and international conferences. From 2004-2010, M.H. worked for research institute of petroleum industry of Iran in nanotechnology research center where working in a deadline-oriented environment, she held responsibility for large segments of multidisciplinary team projects and enhanced her laboratory proficiency as well as quantitative skills through analysis of research data. M.H. has a Ph.D. in Physics during which she investigated synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of lead chalcogenide nanoparticles. Also, M.H. holds a Master’s degree with her thesis focused on fabrication and investigation of electrical properties of metal thin films.

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