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M.O. (Arlington, MA)

M.O. has 18+ years of experience in market data support for hedge funds and is eager to pursue a broader technology role. She is currently an independent consultant providing services to small investment firms. From 1999-2016, she helped support the delivery and maintenance of market data to financial professionals and IT staff on various trading floors. Prior to owning her own consulting business, she was a Client Trainer for Reuters America, where she was responsible for training clients in data usage at large and small firms. She started her career as a documentation and technical proposal specialist with Reuters. She is skilled at troubleshooting, problem-solving, researching, and facilitating communication between technical and non-technical professionals.  She is proficient in MS Office, expert level in MS Excel and proficient in SQL. She has an MS and BE in Engineering as well as an AB in Engineering Sciences, all from Dartmouth College. Available 30-35 hrs/wk

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