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N.J. (Boston, MA)

Active, professional scientist for the state of Massachusetts for 5+ years. She has experience working for the Department of Environmental Protection and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority in different capacities. Working for the state, she was most recently a sampler for 4 years in the department of Toxic Reduction and Control where she has learned to be an excellent communicator amongst different industrial clients. In this job, N.J. compiles essential information used to improve the effluent quality from the wastewater treatment plant on Deer Island. Within these 4 years, the water crisis in Flint Michigan became a large public health scare and N.J. stepped in to help analyze a vast number of samples for metals- a job she did regularly in her previous position. For this effort N.J. received an extraordinary service award from her current employer. Before being promoted, N.J. worked in a DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) certified lab at Deer Island analyzing samples for different toxins and indicators of effluent quality. During this job she learned the importance of being highly organized. After she graduated from her undergraduate program in 2014, she worked a seasonal job for the DEP monitoring the water quality of different watersheds across Massachusetts. While she was in her undergraduate program at Northeastern University N.J. had 3 different internships. One of which, she worked at the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority in a drinking water quality assurance and quality control field laboratory. She has an M.S. of Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts, a B.S. in Environmental Science from Northeastern University, and is currently working on a graduate certificate of Environmental Law and Policy from the University of Massachusetts.

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