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P.G. (Harpswell, ME)

Human resources professional with 30 years of federal, county, and municipal experience in crisis management, including public and media relations, emergency response coordination, and executive responsibilities in personnel, fiscal and operational management. In her most recent role, she served as director of a consolidated, municipal emergency response organization and was responsible for all human resources management functions; regulatory, policy, and procedural development, implementation and maintenance; database management and cybersecurity; and leadership and cross-functional collaboration. Her role prior to her most recent was similar in operational requirements but was county-based and 60% smaller in staff, population served, and call volume. These ten years in public safety communications were preceded by a 20-year military career in the U.S. Coast Guard, which included search and rescue communications between ships and aircraft in distress, crisis public relations strategic planning, and operational response to multiple aircraft disasters, environmental accidents, and governmental relations for dignitary visits up to and including POTUS. She was selected for a role significantly above her pay grade to serve on a four-person communications team that successfully sought congressional funding of a $23 billion recapitalization project through messaging, foreign military sales, identification of and targeted outreach to congressional audiences with inherent interests in ship, aircraft, and technology manufacturing. Her wide range of technical skills include resolution of IT-based desktop, cellular, database, and mobile law enforcement communication devices anomalies; standard Microsoft Suite applications; governmental purchasing regulations; grant submissions; and videography and photography. Her most recent accomplishment was a culmination of combining her work experience with academic achievement; in 2.5 years, she completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Business at the University of Phoenix, AZ with a certification in Human Resources Management.

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