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P.Z. (Marblehead, MA)

P.Z. is a lawyer actively admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar with 20+ years of combined experience working for law firms and business, and with various nonprofit organizations. She is currently an independent consultant, drafting, reviewing, and revising contracts and other legal documents governed by state, federal, and international law for a tech firm based in Seattle. Other current work includes freelance writing on legal issues for a subscription-based website for legal and financial professionals, and facilitative mediation. From 2011 up to the present, P.Z. has negotiated hundreds of settlements to legal and community disputes, many of which were emotionally charged and conducted under limited time constraints. In addition to and in tandem with her negotiation work, she has spent nearly 10 years building consensus as a volunteer board member at nonprofits. P.Z. has more than a decade’s experience working on complex legal matters in Philadelphia law firms. Following a settlement in her client’s favor of a large international insurance fraud involving players from Texas, North Carolina, and brokerage houses in London and New York, P.Z. was recruited by another firm to work on a major legal case, complex due to its large number of parties, legal issues, and procedural intricacies. She has a JD from Dickinson School of Law, a graduate certificate in Conflict Resolution and Management from the UMass McCormack Graduate School of Policy & Global Studies, a BA from the University of Maryland, executive training from Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation, and multiple specialized trainings in mediation and negotiation.

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