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T.M. (Lexington, MA)

T.M. has 15 years of experience helping companies organize projects, product roadmaps, teams and data. At her most recent company, a well-known beverage company, she used project management tools to turn a disorganized, haphazard new product introduction process into a streamlined, predictable one. Prior to that, she worked for a large technology company managing software upgrades and serving as a liaison between the technical and non-technical teams. T.M. loves to implement needed structure and organization using project management tools and Excel. She has applied her organizing skills to things as obscure as ideas – by designing a strategy and project plan to turn an idea into a reality — or as concrete as employee metrics — by creating an Excel-based graphical dashboard. T.M. is proficient with the Microsoft Office suite of tools and particularly enjoys Excel-based work. She holds an M.B.A. from Indiana University and a Bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University.

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