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T.S. (Arlington, MA)

Accomplished creative director and problem solver with over 20 years of experience in communications, client relations, and project management. He quickly assimilates ideas into engaging content and strategy and is a successful manager of the creative process, diverse people, and business results. His strengths lie in an eye for design, an ear for stories, and the ability to build relationships. For the past 5+ years, T.S. has collaborated with thought leaders and senior executives to translate complex ideas into accessible content for a worldwide audience. He was recruited into this international non-profit business research institute to lead editorial and product strategy, tell “big stories,” and improve institutional culture. He has delivered best-selling products for digital, print, retail, and web channels; led the cross-functional creative team responsible for branding, content, events, marketing, media, video, and web site; and managed corporate partnerships, freelance talent, and vendors. From 1997–2014, T.S. founded and ran his own creative studio and built a client list that included high-profile cultural institutions and universities around Boston. He worked closely with clients to build effective brands, marketing campaigns, and beautiful collateral; wrote creative briefs and design presentations; and managed all accounts, clients, employees, freelancers, and workflow. He oversaw the development and launch of several startups, notably the campaign strategy and creative efforts for Student Advantage for their successful IPO and purchase by AT&T. He has worked with Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Google, and various project management and CRM software. He earned a B.A. in History from Connecticut College and has done Masters work in Irish History and Literature at University College Dublin, Ireland.

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