Michael Thompson, Co-Founder, Sky Data Vault

We see FlexProfessionals as an integral component of our growth as a company.  They have a proven track record of not only finding people with the right skill set for the positions we have open, but also finding people that are the right fit for the culture of our organization.

Paula Benner, Director of HR, Red Gate Group

Jenn (placed candidate) is fantastic! I’ve been so busy that I was hesitant to have to train someone and tell them what to do every step of the way. With Jennifer. I can just pass stuff to her and she takes it and runs with it until it’s done. She knows HR and how to… Read more »

Pam Priester, Director of Operations, Matthews, Carter & Boyce

I have been a fan of FlexProfessionals from the earliest days of the company. The model is brilliant and taps an enormous pool of talent in this area. I’ve been very fortunate to benefit from both the “employee” and “employer” services that Flex offers. I have been placed twice by Flex — once for a… Read more »

Rose Li, Rose Li Associates

We rely often on FlexProfessionals for intermittent surge support. They take the time to really get to know their clients – both employers and candidate staff – so they can serve as a truly empathetic and intelligent intermediary effective at facilitating a good match.

Paula Sumberg, former Congressional Human Resources Professional

Hiring temporary and part-time staff from FlexProfessionals increased our productivity significantly. Account Executive Pam Murray presented us with candidates who were not only well-qualified and excellent at what they did, but they were eager to jump right into their roles and help in any way they could. The experience exceeded our expectations. We would recommend… Read more »

Juliette Palarea, Owner, JP Styles

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot with the FlexProfessionals candidate I hired to be my administrative assistant. She is amazing! It is so refreshing to deal with someone who takes initiative and is smart enough to just figure it all out. I have not felt this type of relief and hope in my job… Read more »

Tim Bernstein, CEO,Yet2.com

FlexProfessionals has been a great vendor for us, one of our best. They consistently make it easy, finding us reliable part-time resources with diverse skills through their streamlined process and excellent pre-screening. Many of the placements from FlexProfessionals are extremely talented, a step-change above what we’ve seen out of standard staffing agencies. Their pricing model… Read more »


FlexProfessionals was recommended to us by an HR consultant, and the minute we called them we knew that we were in excellent hands. Owner Gwenn Rosener and account executive Pam Murray are the ultimate professionals. They were conscientious, courteous, responsive and engaged throughout the entire hiring process. They listened carefully to our requirements and understood… Read more »


The value proposition is that we get these really talented people that start part-time and they provide us a level of experience, maturity and talent that we wouldn’t otherwise get. For the cost of somebody at half-time we’d probably pay an entry-level junior person full-time but they’re learning on the job, you don’t have the… Read more »

COO, Navstar Inc

FlexProfessionals has been a reliable partner. Their candidate was a pleasure to work with and delivered great value over the course of her long-term assignment at Navstar. We would recommend the services of FlexProfessionals to any business in need of professional part-time resources. 


We hired a part-time candidate who not only had bookkeeping skills, but a strong understanding of the technology industry from a former career. This allowed her to better understand our business, quickly tackle our bookkeeping needs, and make an impact in a very short period of time.