Tina, Placed Candidate

First and foremost, all of the ladies I have encountered at FlexProfessionals have been extremely pleasant. I have a position that affords me the ability to work virtually, doing something I enjoy. FlexProfessionals and the Accounting Firm I work with have been a blessing to me at this time. For anyone looking for work with… Read more »

Nina, Placed Candidate

I have worked in professional level flexible jobs for the majority of my career. As a result, many years ago, when I heard about FlexProfessionals, I was an instant supporter. Recently, after 21 years of employment at one company, my office location was shut down and I was laid off. Turning to FlexProfessionals to help… Read more »

Meralee, Placed Candidate

I was eager to resume my professional career, but recognized I needed a position with the flexibility to work part-time from home. Fortunately, Pam Murray found the perfect opportunity for me to work 8 hours a week virtually. This flexibility enables me to effectively strike a work/life balance. I enjoy working a few hours a… Read more »

Ljubica, Placed Candidate

The position I found through FlexProfessionals has been a dream come true. It allows me to work in my field while balancing my family’s busy schedule. I am so grateful I have been able to continue working while caring for my family at the same time.

Linda, Placed Candidate

It has always been hard being a working mother who is responsible for aging parents. Add a global pandemic resulting in my young kids transitioning to virtual school (with me as their teacher) and it became nearly impossible to juggle everything. Luckily, Flex Professionals helped me find a part-time senior-level communications position allowing me to… Read more »

LaToya, Placed Candidate

I love working with FlexProfessional because as their name says they’re very flexible. Working with FlexProfessional has allowed me to maintain steady work while learning across different industries. I found FlexProfessional at the perfect time in my career and it has been a blessing to be able to work under such a dynamic placement firm… Read more »

Erica, Placed Candidate

In 2018 I took an early retirement from a career job of 31 years to take care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s. Working part time with flexibility has afforded me the time to continue to work in a professional environment and also be a caregiver to my mother. Thank you FlexProfessional for the opportunity… Read more »

Betsy, Placed Candidate

FlexProfessionals changed my life.  Laurie Bair introduced me to (client) Annette, on a whim, and it was a match made in heaven.  Annette hired me without even having an available role.  Once we met we just clicked; their needs, my experience, our personalities.  All of it.  I get such a sense of fulfillment doing this… Read more »

Alison, Placed Candidate

I cannot say enough good things about FlexProfessionals. It took a little time but Nan Cox, my account executive, connected me with the perfect fit. I have been with the Company I was placed with over a year ago and could not be happier. I am challenged daily as well as work with amazing people…. Read more »

Alejandra, Placed Candidate

A good friend of mine was listening to me talk about the type of job that I wanted to have at this stage of my life.  She knows me very well and mentioned FlexProfessionals.  I went onto their website, and I felt as though this was definitely a place to keep an eye on.  The… Read more »

Adam, Placed Candidate

In 2011 I read about FlexProfessionals in the Washington Post, six years into my foray as a stay-at-home dad. Though I was not ready to work even part-time yet, I knew in my head that when the day came that I went back, I would work with them. Everything about what FlexProfessionals stands for was… Read more »

Abbie, Placed Candidate

I love working with the staff at FlexProfessionals because they genuinely care about your career growth and success, while finding you roles that best fit your needs and skills.