We see FlexProfessionals as an integral component of our growth as a company.  They have a proven track record of not only finding people with the right skill set for the positions we have open, but also finding people that are the right fit for the culture of our organization.

Michael Thompson, Co-Founder, Sky Data Vault

First and foremost, all of the ladies I have encountered at FlexProfessionals have been extremely pleasant. I have a position that affords me the ability to work virtually, doing something I enjoy. FlexProfessionals and the Accounting Firm I work with have been a blessing to me at this time. For anyone looking for work with flexible hours and a great team to get you there, I recommend FlexProfessionals. Thank you, Sheila Murphy, Maura Connelly, Pam Murray, and Maria Cindea.

Tina, Placed Candidate

I have worked in professional level flexible jobs for the majority of my career. As a result, many years ago, when I heard about FlexProfessionals, I was an instant supporter. Recently, after 21 years of employment at one company, my office location was shut down and I was laid off. Turning to FlexProfessionals to help me with my job search was a no-brainer. I interviewed with Linda Wilson and discussed my career goals. Each Tuesday thereafter, I eagerly scanned the FlexProfessionals emailed job listings. This past February a specific job write-up caught my eye. The description was a great match with my skills and abilities. However, the client had one specific requirement, which the write up said was critical, which I did not meet 100%. I spoke with Linda about my qualifications for the job in general, and how, I thought I met the one requirement 80%. Linda took my comments into consideration and believed in me enough to present my resume to the client. They received it on a Friday, and I had my first interview on Monday morning. A second interview quickly followed and 10 days later I was offered a job. I’ve been at the client site for three months, and I couldn’t be happier. I congratulate FlexProfessionals on their 10 year anniversary and thank them for their advocacy of flexible professional jobs. Stellar talent is wrapped in many different packages and FlexProfessionals is proving that to clients every day.

Nina, Placed Candidate

I was eager to resume my professional career, but recognized I needed a position with the flexibility to work part-time from home. Fortunately, Pam Murray found the perfect opportunity for me to work 8 hours a week virtually. This flexibility enables me to effectively strike a work/life balance. I enjoy working a few hours a day, have time to study for a Digital Marketing certification, manage the household, and be an engaged parent. The FlexProfessionals team is incredibly professional and experienced.  Every aspect of my engagement with FlexProfessionals has gone smoothly from the job hunt, interviews, the onboarding process, and payroll. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to do meaningful work on a part-time basis. Thanks, FlexProfessionals!!

Meralee, Placed Candidate

The position I found through FlexProfessionals has been a dream come true. It allows me to work in my field while balancing my family's busy schedule. I am so grateful I have been able to continue working while caring for my family at the same time.

Ljubica, Placed Candidate

It has always been hard being a working mother who is responsible for aging parents. Add a global pandemic resulting in my young kids transitioning to virtual school (with me as their teacher) and it became nearly impossible to juggle everything. Luckily, Flex Professionals helped me find a part-time senior-level communications position allowing me to continue to both work and take care of my family.

Linda, Placed Candidate

I love working with FlexProfessional because as their name says they're very flexible. Working with FlexProfessional has allowed me to maintain steady work while learning across different industries. I found FlexProfessional at the perfect time in my career and it has been a blessing to be able to work under such a dynamic placement firm that builds long lasting relationships with their placement candidates.

LaToya, Placed Candidate

In 2018 I took an early retirement from a career job of 31 years to take care of my mother who has Alzheimer’s. Working part time with flexibility has afforded me the time to continue to work in a professional environment and also be a caregiver to my mother. Thank you FlexProfessional for the opportunity to live out the second phase of my life “Life after retirement “

Erica, Placed Candidate

FlexProfessionals changed my life.  Laurie Bair introduced me to (client) Annette, on a whim, and it was a match made in heaven.  Annette hired me without even having an available role.  Once we met we just clicked; their needs, my experience, our personalities.  All of it.  I get such a sense of fulfillment doing this type of work and having a team that feels like family is just the cherry on top!  Thank you!

Betsy, Placed Candidate

I cannot say enough good things about FlexProfessionals. It took a little time but Nan Cox, my account executive, connected me with the perfect fit. I have been with the Company I was placed with over a year ago and could not be happier. I am challenged daily as well as work with amazing people. I finally have the work life balance I had been searching for for many years.

Alison, Placed Candidate

A good friend of mine was listening to me talk about the type of job that I wanted to have at this stage of my life.  She knows me very well and mentioned FlexProfessionals.  I went onto their website, and I felt as though this was definitely a place to keep an eye on.  The job posts were clear, well presented and attractive to people who have a full life, but still want to work.   One particular job came up, and I acted fast.  It really spoke to me and it's been a great fit. Pam & Maura are very intuitive, thorough and responsive.  I like the fact that Pam followed up a couple of times soon after I started the job.  She was truly interested in my job satisfaction.

Alejandra, Placed Candidate

In 2011 I read about FlexProfessionals in the Washington Post, six years into my foray as a stay-at-home dad. Though I was not ready to work even part-time yet, I knew in my head that when the day came that I went back, I would work with them. Everything about what FlexProfessionals stands for was what I was trying to achieve--flexible, family friendly, meaningful work for stay-at-home parents re-entering the workforce. Now, nine years later, I was recently placed in a superb job with great co-workers, a solid salary, excellent benefits (including generous holidays), a path of advancement, and doing work that actually makes an impact. I have every other Friday off, providing me extra family time, and, when the time comes, my commute to the office will be just a few scant minutes. Though of course we're all now working from home for the foreseeable future, I have tremendous flexibility during my day, allowing me to spend extra time with my (now rising senior!) son, moments that frankly I never thought I would actually have. Let me be clear--it wasn't a straight line. I applied to several positions, and I had to be persistent and at times even a little noisy--and I had my moments of doubt--but as everyone knows that's sometimes what it takes to get where you need to be. The staff at FlexProfessionals has always been open, honest, and straightforward about my prospects and what might be a good fit. And now, amazingly, I have re-started my career at a time in our world and an age in my life when I thought it truly might not be possible. It's all kind of remarkable, and none of it happens without FlexProfessionals. I will remain always grateful.

Adam, Placed Candidate

I love working with the staff at FlexProfessionals because they genuinely care about your career growth and success, while finding you roles that best fit your needs and skills.

Abbie, Placed Candidate

I had been looking for flexible income sources (while launching my business) when I came across the FlexProfessionals website. For Washington-area job seekers looking for part time or virtual work you really should consider connecting with FlexProfessionals – there are plenty of regularly updated well-paying opportunities across a broad spectrum of job types. My account exec, Nan Cox, actively connected me with a dream job at an amazing non-profit where I have been working for the past year and a half. I secured a competitive hourly rate with an 80% virtual schedule, but more importantly I'm engaged with an organization, supporting a mission I'm passionate about. Really I couldn't recommend Nan and FlexProfessionals highly enough.

J.C., Placed Candidate

The FlexProfessionals team will be happy to note that I am still on site at the same location where I was originally placed 7 years ago. In 2011 I was hired by a small CPA firm to work onsite at the client site and due to a change in circumstances, I am now working directly for that client and I could not be happier. The belief by Gwenn that I could do this job started me on an amazing job change in my early 50's. I always highly recommend and refer your firm. :-)  

Beth Bednarek, Placed Candidate

Jenn (placed candidate) is fantastic! I’ve been so busy that I was hesitant to have to train someone and tell them what to do every step of the way. With Jennifer. I can just pass stuff to her and she takes it and runs with it until it’s done. She knows HR and how to get things done quickly. She is so helpful. It’s just like adding hours to my days! I love what you're doing for women who have great experience and take time off to take care of their children. I have the same priorities."

Paula Benner, Director of HR, Red Gate Group

I have worked with Flex Professionals for several years and with several placements. They have given me the opportunity to return to my career while still allowing for work/life balance. I have always wanted rewarding, challenging part time professional work and Flex has helped me find it. I can’t thank them enough in finding me these opportunities.

Tish, Placed Candidate

I recently decided to return to work part-time after leaving a full- time position in accounting four years ago. I expected the process to be a challenge, however with FlexProfessionals it was encouraging and affirming. After attending their resume workshop my resume began to receive interest and within six weeks I had a job that was right for me. I have worked with other recruiting companies, finding them very disappointing and a frankly a waste of time. This has not been my experience with FlexProfessionals. I was encouraged to be clear about the type of job I wanted and encouraged to be honest about my preferences. I did find just the right job and fit for me and my family. I am very grateful to FlexProfessional’s, their guidance made a big difference. By the way, read their STORY, it is amazing and inspiring!  

Jean M. De Furia, FlexProfessionals Workshop Participant

I have been a fan of FlexProfessionals from the earliest days of the company. The model is brilliant and taps an enormous pool of talent in this area. I've been very fortunate to benefit from both the "employee" and "employer" services that Flex offers. I have been placed twice by Flex -- once for a short-term (1-year) Director of Recruiting assignment at a Non-Profit and now as a permanent Director of Operations at a CPA firm. Both assignments put me in a niche where I have been able to contribute immediately to the needs of the organization while maintaining the flexibility I have needed with my family. Both companies are run by highly talented professionals who happen to also be great people to work with. In my current role, I have now been an active employer of Flex candidates. We consistently find talented and affordable people who fit into our organization because Flex has taken the time to get to know us so well. Organizationally, our leadership team often thinks "Flex first" when considering our hiring needs.

Pam Priester, Director of Operations, Matthews, Carter & Boyce

We rely often on FlexProfessionals for intermittent surge support. They take the time to really get to know their clients – both employers and candidate staff – so they can serve as a truly empathetic and intelligent intermediary effective at facilitating a good match.

Rose Li, Rose Li Associates

FlexProfessionals literally changed my life! I was searching for a job that capitalized on my talents, rewarded me financially, and offered the flexibility I needed to focus on my family. Pam Murray listened carefully to me and had an intuitive understanding of what I'd consider to be the perfect fit. Two years later, I'm still at the company she found, and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have met her and all the fantastic women at FlexProfessionals.

Julie Kennon, FlexProfessionals Placed Candidate

Hiring temporary and part-time staff from FlexProfessionals increased our productivity significantly. Account Executive Pam Murray presented us with candidates who were not only well-qualified and excellent at what they did, but they were eager to jump right into their roles and help in any way they could. The experience exceeded our expectations. We would recommend the services of FlexProfessionals to any business in need of professional part-time resources.

Paula Sumberg, former Congressional Human Resources Professional

I walked in the door with no direct experience in Digital Marketing. I needed actionable knowledge that would pivot my career to compete in a growing, relevant profession. The FlexProfessionals and Startup Institute Digital Bootcamp gave me a taste of everything from buyer personas, content strategy, CRM tools, analytics, compliance, personal branding and more. They adjusted the curriculum in a thoughtful and collaborative way throughout the course. I also reaped the rewards of top notch instructors and accomplished classmates. I walked away with a digital marketing foundation, new contacts, tools and resources to keep learning about this evolving business.

Mary C., Digital Bootcamp Attendee Boston

I feel like I've hit the jackpot with the FlexProfessionals candidate I hired to be my administrative assistant. She is amazing! It is so refreshing to deal with someone who takes initiative and is smart enough to just figure it all out. I have not felt this type of relief and hope in my job in years.  I thought that by hiring someone part-time, I might have to compromise on the level of maturity, dedication, and value. What I  found is exactly the opposite. I feel like my business can grow at an even faster pace now that I've tapped into the FlexProfessionals part-time model!

Juliette Palarea, Owner, JP Styles

This  internship has been such a great experience in transitioning back in to the workforce and getting my confidence back. In a couple of short months I have gone from feeling like going back to work was going to be completely impossible because nobody would hire somebody who had become "just a mom", to realizing I am still me, and have plenty of value to add.

Kim H., FlexProfessionals Intern

FlexProfessionals has been a great vendor for us, one of our best. They consistently make it easy, finding us reliable part-time resources with diverse skills through their streamlined process and excellent pre-screening. Many of the placements from FlexProfessionals are extremely talented, a step-change above what we’ve seen out of standard staffing agencies. Their pricing model is reasonable, and has enabled us to expand in ways we never would have been able to do if we had to turn to new full time staff instead. Tim Bernstein, CEO, Yet2.com

Tim Bernstein, CEO,Yet2.com

FlexProfessionals was recommended to us by an HR consultant, and the minute we called them we knew that we were in excellent hands. Owner Gwenn Rosener and account executive Pam Murray are the ultimate professionals. They were conscientious, courteous, responsive and engaged throughout the entire hiring process. They listened carefully to our requirements and understood the qualities and high standards that we were looking for in this position. They followed through on everything they promised and exactly when they said they would. If you need to fill a part-time or flexible position within your business, your first call should be to Flex Professionals. They take the hard work and the guess work out of hiring and, most importantly, are able to achieve successful results.


Please extend my thanks to the FlexProfessionals team for being a fantastic resource and advocate for women trying to achieve balance. You are a constant reminder that I do not have to make a choice between career and family; I can have both and be fulfilled.  I am grateful for that awareness.


I just wanted to let you know that I accepted a position and started working yesterday. While I found this job on my own, I used advice I received at one of your seminars, which was to strategically target volunteer work.  In my case, I volunteered my time to work on a Gala at a retreat center. Had I not volunteered my time, I would never have been on their radar.  Thank you for that helpful tip!


The value proposition is that we get these really talented people that start part-time and they provide us a level of experience, maturity and talent that we wouldn’t otherwise get. For the cost of somebody at half-time we’d probably pay an entry-level junior person full-time but they’re learning on the job, you don’t have the benefit of years of expertise. We’ve been literally able to bring people into the company two or three years earlier than we otherwise could have and had them grow their positions as we expand our business.    


FlexProfessionals has been a reliable partner. Their candidate was a pleasure to work with and delivered great value over the course of her long-term assignment at Navstar. We would recommend the services of FlexProfessionals to any business in need of professional part-time resources. 

COO, Navstar Inc

I had the amazing opportunity to serve as an intern for FlexProfessionals.  The benefits were tremendous.  Through attending workshops and the one-on-one mentoring conversations, I re-molded my thinking of how to present myself in my resume and in person.  The experience also gave me a real boost of confidence both through working at my assigned tasks and by being around the staff – they were incredibly supportive and very helpful in small and big ways.   Another key benefit was how the internship helped me solidify what kind of companies and jobs I would be the best fit for, both for their needs and mine.  I wish every candidate had the opportunity to work with these women – they are world changers.


We hired a part-time candidate who not only had bookkeeping skills, but a strong understanding of the technology industry from a former career. This allowed her to better understand our business, quickly tackle our bookkeeping needs, and make an impact in a very short period of time.


We are just so pleased with FlexProfessionals' service and the candidate they provided. Christine is a great fit for our team and is willing to jump right in where needed.


I registered for the workshop with skepticism, not expecting any tangible benefits, but rather looking for some inspiration for my job search. I was impressed by the team’s professionalism and sense-of-purpose and left the workshop feeling bolstered for the job search ahead. I walked away with substantive recommendations for a more coherent and targeted resume. I incorporated the suggestions and was so excited that FlexProfessionals connected me with my current employer. The support and networking reach of FlexProfessionals made it possible for me to defy the odds and return to the technology sector at the age of 58, and after a long absence from the workforce.     


I am so thankful for having found FlexProfessionals to help with my job search! After spending an extended time at home it was a daunting task to re-enter the workplace, especially during a difficult recession. Working with FlexProfessionals, within one month I had two opportunities that resulted in great job offers. The best part of all is that the one I chose enables me to work part-time and maintain a great balance between work and family time. I highly recommend FlexProfessionals to all part-time job seekers!


As a small, all-volunteer non-profit, when we needed to hire our first staff person, it was crucial for us to find a well-qualified Director of Outreach who fit into our organization, believed in our mission and who could make an immediate impact. FlexProfessionals was able to assist us in the entire hiring process, from sourcing to screening to reference checking candidates. They made the entire process easy and reduced the time and money involved in trying to find someone ourselves. More importantly, they really listened to what we wanted and gave us access to candidates that we would not have been able to find on our own, all without going over our budget.


Having moved here from out of state, I thought it would be impossible to find meaningful part-time work in my chosen field. Words cannot even express my appreciation for what has transpired in the past year and a half. I was ready to hang up my professional "hat", but I felt like you and your staff were looking out for me, contacting me with interesting and flexible opportunities to help keep me in the working world. I feel like I've won the lottery in finding this role. This is exactly the kind of work I've always wanted to do.Thank you so, so much for what you and your company have done for me.


Hiring part-time resources for our business has increased our productivity significantly. I would not have been able to find or afford the level of talent that I recently brought into the organization otherwise. It is a wonderful option for small business owners.


I attended a resume workshop last spring, and it was such a wonderful and practical way to kick off my job search. FlexProfessionals really does provide excellent resources, and I want you to know how much I appreciated that workshop. Sometimes those kinds of events turn out not as effective or practical as one would hope, but I think I would not have landed my current job without the help I received from FlexProfessionals.


We've seen such value from the part-time candidates we have hired through FlexProfessionals. They are extremely qualified and eager to find a meaningful role that can accommodate their work-life balance requirements. Working with the staff at FlexProfessionals, Evolver expectations have consistently been exceeded by the quality of candidates and the affordability of the process.  It is a win-win-win for Evolver, the candidates, and FlexProfessionals.