Adam, Placed Candidate

In 2011 I read about FlexProfessionals in the Washington Post, six years into my foray as a stay-at-home dad. Though I was not ready to work even part-time yet, I knew in my head that when the day came that I went back, I would work with them. Everything about what FlexProfessionals stands for was what I was trying to achieve–flexible, family friendly, meaningful work for stay-at-home parents re-entering the workforce. Now, nine years later, I was recently placed in a superb job with great co-workers, a solid salary, excellent benefits (including generous holidays), a path of advancement, and doing work that actually makes an impact. I have every other Friday off, providing me extra family time, and, when the time comes, my commute to the office will be just a few scant minutes. Though of course we’re all now working from home for the foreseeable future, I have tremendous flexibility during my day, allowing me to spend extra time with my (now rising senior!) son, moments that frankly I never thought I would actually have. Let me be clear–it wasn’t a straight line. I applied to several positions, and I had to be persistent and at times even a little noisy–and I had my moments of doubt–but as everyone knows that’s sometimes what it takes to get where you need to be. The staff at FlexProfessionals has always been open, honest, and straightforward about my prospects and what might be a good fit. And now, amazingly, I have re-started my career at a time in our world and an age in my life when I thought it truly might not be possible. It’s all kind of remarkable, and none of it happens without FlexProfessionals. I will remain always grateful.