UpCity: How COVID-19 Has Shifted Workplace Policies: Guidance For 2022

01/27/2022 by developer1


David J. Brin for UpCity.Com

As COVID-19 disrupted entire swaths of the global economy throughout the entirety of 2020 and most of 2021, businesses were forced to adapt and respond to quarantines and other protective measures that drastically disrupted their ability to operate day-to-day. While initial responses were reactive and helped businesses in the short-term, longer-term solutions started to emerge in 2021 as businesses realized that they couldn’t ignore or wait out the challenges arising in managing their workforces as the pandemic drug on. The fact that treatments and mitigation measures emerged and evolved over the course of the year, culminating in FDA approval of a COVID-19 vaccine in 2021, has helped employers to guide and inspire new COVID-19 related human resource related policies to protect themselves and their workforce. READ MORE



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