What FlexProfessionals is all About

Why Work With Us?

We are dedicated to matching professionals seeking rewarding part-time or full-time flexible job opportunities to employers embracing flexible, supportive, and diverse work environments. We help our job seekers remain in the workforce, confidently return to work after a career break, or successfully transition to a new field. Most of our job seekers have a college degree and at least 10 years of professional work experience. We want to make that count for you! Here are just a few reasons why you should work with us:

Our mission is rooted in flexibility. Whatever is driving your need for flexibility (caregiving demands, educational or other pursuits), we believe a flexible, supportive work environment is essential to keeping you in the workforce or accelerating your return.
When we review your resume, we see possibilities. We believe that there should be no stigma around part-time or career breaks.   Resume gaps, non-traditional career paths, and career transitions are all welcome at FlexProfessionals.
Matching you to the right job opportunity is important to us. We work hard to get to know you and promote your skills and accomplishments to employers that are a good fit for your career goals and part-time or full-time flexible work requirements.  We are proud of our 95% placement success rate.
Joining our talent pool and applying for jobs is quick, easy, and free! There are no application forms to complete, and you don’t need to build an online resume. Our process is transparent from start to finish, and there is no cost involved.
We are your career advocate. We connect you to resources, networking opportunities, and events to support your job search and help you develop professionally.
We are experts in part-time and full-time flexible work arrangements. We have over a decade of experience in recruiting and flexible staffing and have brought exceptional, diverse talent to thousands of businesses and non-profits in the Washington, DC Metro (including Maryland and Virginia) and Boston, MA Metro areas.

Want to hear more?

“We hired a part-time candidate who not only had bookkeeping skills, but a strong understanding of the technology industry from a former career. This allowed her to better understand our business, quickly tackle our bookkeeping needs, and make an impact in a very short period of time.”

Jeremy FarberPresident and Founder of Securis

“I am so thankful for having found FlexProfessionals to help with my job search! After spending an extended time at home it was a daunting task to re-enter the workplace, especially during a difficult recession. Working with FlexProfessionals, within one month I had two opportunities that resulted in great job offers. The best part of all is that the one I chose enables me to work part-time and maintain a great balance between work and family time. I highly recommend FlexProfessionals to all part-time job seekers!”

Linda M.FlexProfessional Candidate

“We've seen such value from the part-time candidates we have hired through FlexProfessionals. They are extremely qualified and eager to find a meaningful role that can accommodate their work-life balance requirements. Working with the staff at FlexProfessionals, Evolver expectations have consistently been exceeded by the quality of candidates and the affordability of the process. It is a win-win-win for Evolver, the candidates, and FlexProfessionals.”

Mike O'KaneFounder of Evolver Inc.