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We were on the Today Show!

FlexProfessionals Co-Founder Sheila Murphy shares her personal story with the Today Show and gives strategies for successfully reentering the workforce. To view the video or download our free tips sheets, please click HERE.

‘A Change of Direction’ by Anna Kreutzer

The latest issues of Viva Tyson and Viva Reston magazine highlight Flexprofessionals and one of its’ former candidates Kelly Millspaugh Thompson on switching careers

FlexProfessionals Expands to Boston Metro Area

PRESS RELEASE, March 23, 2015. FlexProfessionals, LLC is expanding its services to the Boston metro area. Launched in 2010, this niche staffing company specializing in part-time and flexible placements, is becoming a “go-to” talent source for entrepreneurial and small businesses looking for cost-effective ways to support their growth.