Frequently Asked Questions from Employers

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions, including information about our candidate screening process, types of work arrangements, minimum pay requirements, and fee structure.

Our Candidates

How do you find candidates?

FlexProfessionals takes a ‘high touch’ approach to finding and qualifying our candidates, all of whom are college graduates with at least 10 years of professional experience. We are unique in that we recruit through an extensive, local, community-based network. Many of our candidates are referred to us by trusted sources within this network. We have relationships with grassroots community organizations including parent groups, neighborhood associations, community list servs, etc. We post your job on our website and highlight it in our bi-weekly newsletter that reaches over 25,000 people in the community.

How do you qualify candidates?

We fully screen each candidate through phone and then live interviews. We write up a short bio/assessment of the candidate, which we share with you along with the resume and the candidate’s requested schedule and pay rate. We strive to understand the needs of both the candidate and client to make sure each placement is the right fit. As part of our screening process, we conduct reference checks and run a basic criminal background check prior to a candidate being placed.

In what functional areas do you make placements?

We have qualified candidates in most business functions including Finance & Accounting, Bookkeeping, Administration, Marketing, Sales/Business Development, Human Resources, Recruiting, Technical/Proposal Writing, Project Management, Web, IT, Legal, etc… [Find Talent]

Do the candidates work in an office or from home?

Depending on your business needs and preferences, our candidates work on-site, virtually, or a combination of both.

What type of pay rates do your candidates require?

Salary and hourly pay ranges vary greatly between candidates based on experience and skillset required, job responsibilities, location and schedule. Given their experience and skill-sets, our candidates receive a minimum hourly pay rate of $25.00 per hour.

Job Placements and Types

What is your placement process?

You can review our placement process here.

Where are your jobs located?

Most of our jobs are currently located in the DC or Boston metro areas; however we also work with companies outside of these locations if the job is completely virtual.

What if I don't have a defined role or job description?

One of our account executives will work with you to help develop the job description and determine a salary range based on the job responsibilities, required experience and schedule.

Do your candidates require a minimum number of hours per week?

Yes, our candidates require a guaranteed minimum of 10 hours per week.

What type of pay rates do your candidates require?

Salary and hourly pay ranges vary greatly between candidates based on experience and skillset required, job responsibilities, location and schedule. Given their experience and skill-sets, our candidates receive a minimum hourly pay rate of $25.00 per hour.

How do you define part-time?

Any job that requires less than 32 hours/per week is considered part-time.

Do you place people in short-term projects?

We are not a ‘temp agency’ but we do have candidates interested in short-term or longer-term projects. The minimum project duration is approximately 12 weeks; however please call our office at 703-854-1820 if you would like to determine if your project qualifies.

Do you ever place into full-time jobs?

We have been successful placing candidates into “full-time, flexible” roles. We define this term to be any job where the candidate may work a minimum of 16 hours per week virtually. The schedule for virtual hours is mutually agreed upon by both the employer and the employee.

Do you accept jobs that are 100% 'commission-only'?

No. Given that we require our candidates to have a minimum of 10 years professional experience and a college degree, we do not accept jobs if compensation is based solely on commission.

May we post our job on your website?

We are not a job board, so we cannot post jobs unless you have requested us to perform the candidate search. If you request our services, then we post your part-time or flexible job on our website and include it in our bi-weekly newsletter sent to over 25,000 job seekers. We do not include company information on our job postings so candidates may not contact you directly.


What is your fee structure?

You may hire a candidate as a direct placement (into your organization) or on an hourly basis through FlexProfessionals. At any point, you can choose to convert an hourly candidate over to your direct employee. Given that all of our candidates have at least 10 years experience and a college degree, we require a minimum pay rate to the candidate (excluding FlexProfessionals fees) of $25/hour. For detailed pricing information, including direct placement and hourly mark-up fees, please ‘Request a Call’ and one of our Account Executives will follow up and provide that information to you.

What type of guarantee do you provide on your placements?

For direct hires, there is a 4-month guarantee period. If the placement does not work out within 4 months, we will replace that candidate for the same position at no charge, or if we cannot find a suitable replacement, will refund the prorated portion of the placement fee.

Is there a staffing agreement that you use with clients?

Yes, we have both a direct placement agreement for permanent hires and an hourly staffing agreement that is used for hourly or contingent based placements. To request generic copies of the agreements, please email us (info@flexprofessionalsllc.com) or call our office at 703-854-1820 and we will provide this information.


What types of clients do you work with?

FlexProfessionals works with small, medium and large businesses in the private, commercial and government contracting sectors. We also work with many non-profits and associations. Smaller fast- growing businesses, many of whom are on tight budgets, turn to us because we offer affordable talent solutions to help build out their infrastructure to support growth. Larger employers turn to us as an alternative source of qualified candidates. Employers also use us as a source of gender-diverse talent to strengthen their diversity and inclusion initiatives.

How long have you been in business?

FlexProfessionals opened its doors in January, 2010.

How successful is your part-time and FT, Flexible model?

Our model is a win-win for both businesses and candidates and the growth we have experienced is our proof. Over 96% of our placements are with ‘repeat’ clients or through referrals— a testament to the value that FlexProfessionals candidates bring to our clients. In addition, approximately 95% of our candidates successfully complete their assignment or join our clients’ teams as permanent employees.