Process and Pricing

FlexProfessionals employs a high-touch placement process to facilitate the right fit between your needs and our candidates’ capabilities. We screen every candidate thoroughly through phone and in-person interviews, reference checks, and background checks. We customize contracts to meet your specific needs.  You can choose to hire the candidate directly into your organization, or we can handle payroll throughout the term of the contract.

The process for how we conduct a search is as follows:

  1. We work with you to discuss the details of the job, rate, etc. and document a job description.
  2. We post the job on our website as well as include it in our bi-weekly candidate newsletter.  We have over 16,000 candidates in our database and on our jobs newsletter mailing list.
  3. We search, identify and screen potential candidates (including an in-person interview) and send you bios and resumes for those we think are the best fit.
  4. You select candidates from the resumes we have sent that you would like to interview and let us know your availability.  We arrange interviews based on your schedule and preferred location.
  5. If you identify a candidate through this process that you would like to hire, you may hire the candidate directly into your organization or on an hourly basis through FlexProfessionals where we take care of payroll and taxes.
  6. We conduct a basic criminal background check and reference checks for any candidate you decide to move forward with.


You may hire a candidate as a direct placement (into your organization) or on an hourly basis through FlexProfessionals. At any point, you can choose to convert an hourly candidate over to your direct employee. Given that all of our candidates have at least 10 years experience and a college degree, we require a minimum pay rate to the candidate (excluding FlexProfessional fees) of $25/hour. For detailed pricing information, including direct placement and hourly mark-up fees, please fill out the ‘Request a Call’ form on the sidebar or call us at 703-854-1820.