We work with educated, experienced professionals who desire part-time, flexible, or project-based work. Our candidates generally do not need health benefits. They value flexibility (reduced hours, flexible schedules, jobs close to home, ability to work remotely, etc.) and consider it an important part of their compensation package.

Almost all of the professionals with whom we work are college-educated with at least 10 years of professional work experience. They desire flexible work arrangements and live in the DC or Boston metro areas. If you do not have a college degree but have the required years of work experience, we would love to see your resume too.

Due to tax and administrative burdens, we work almost exclusively with professionals residing in the DC and Boston metro areas. On a limited basis and through direct hire arrangements, we will place candidates living outside the Boston and DC metro areas. Our business clients tend to hire locally, even for virtual opportunities, to encourage participation in on-site meetings and events.


FlexProfessionals works with small, medium and large businesses in the private, commercial and government contracting sectors. We also work with many non-profits and associations. See Customer List for a sampling of our clients.

Part-time ranges from as many as 32 hours/week to as few as 10 hours/month.

We do place professionals into full-time work arrangements, as long as the employer agrees to some kind of flexibility. Our specialty, however, is part-time employment. If you need full-time work with benefits, our model is probably not a good fit for you. We do not place someone who desires full-time employment and benefits into a part-time arrangement. Doing so results in both an unhappy employee and unhappy employer.

For a job to be considered full-time flexible, the employer must agree to a minimum of 8 hours/week of remote work. The schedule for remote hours is mutually agreed upon by both the employer and the employee. For example, the employer and employee may agree to working from home one day per week, or 6 hours of on-site work each day, with the remaining hours working from home.

No, we are not a temporary service, and we do not source for immediate, temporary assignments that are short in duration. We are a staffing firm that specializes in part-time job placements that typically require 10-32 hours/week. The majority of our jobs are permanent placements.

Yes. We do place professionals with employers that have short-term or on-going, project-based needs. For example, we have placed professionals at client sites to support proposal development efforts, write a marketing plan, conduct an audit, fill in for an employee on maternity leave, etc.

We place professionals in a broad-range of business fields, including: Finance & Accounting, Administration, Sales & Account Management, Marketing/Public Relations/Communications, Business Development, Project Management, IT and Engineering, Technical & Proposal Writing, Human Resources, Web Development, Graphic Design and Legal. This is only a partial listing. Even if your area of expertise falls outside of the above categories, we encourage you to submit your resume. We source for a wide variety of great, meaningful jobs!  We do not, however, source in the medical or education fields (doctors, nurses, medical assistants, teachers, etc.).

Sometimes. We do work with job seekers (caregivers with school-aged children, for example) who desire part-time for 1-2 years but hope to increase hours to full-time afterwards. This situation where hours ramp up gradually over time is often a win-win for both the employee and employer. In these instances, the possibility of such an arrangement will often be addressed in the job posting or during the interview process, and both the job seeker and the employer must be open and clear about their needs and desires with regard to hours.

The bulk of the jobs listed on our website, however, are truly part-time jobs. We do not consider our part-time placements as a way to get into an organization to apply for full-time work. Our specialty is part-time, and that is our focus when recruiting, screening, and placing candidates.


Submitting your resume is a simple and quick process.  Click on the Submit Resume button located on most of our web pages You will be asked to provide contact information as well as your employment preferences. You will then upload your resume. You may update your preferences and/or upload a new resume at any time. Submitting your resume online give our entire team immediate access to your resume. Please do not email your resume to an individual team member. While it may feel as if your resume is entering a black hole, we do review every resume that comes into our system.

We strongly prefer that you submit your resume in MS Word.  We use an applicant tracking system to match job seekers to open jobs, and MS Word is always searchable!  If you prefer to use a .pdf file format, please make sure that you electronically convert your resume to a .pdf file format.  In other words, if you scan a hard copy of your resume and convert it to .pdf or if you take a camera shot of your resume, these formats are not searchable, and your resume will not be picked up during a search.

Absolutely not! When you submit your resume to us, there are NO fees or obligation on the part of the job seeker. Note: some people confuse us with FlexJobs, which charges job seekers a fee to access their flexible job listings. While many of our jobs are posted on the FlexJobs website, you do not need an account with FlexJobs to view or apply for our jobs. All of our jobs are posted directly on our website under Job Postings.

Indefinitely. If you would like us to make you inactive or to remove you from our system entirely, please email us:

DC Metro Area Inquiries: jobs@flexprofessionalsllc.com

Boston Metro Area Inquiries: bostonjobs@flexprofessionalsllc.com

Yes. When you upload a new resume, it becomes your “default” resume. Your previous resume, however, remains in the system. If you want to keep more than one resume, just label the resumes in such a way that we can distinguish between them, i.e. “Jones Sales Resume” and “Jones Admin Resume”.

Please use our Submit Resume form to update us on your availability, work preferences, and any other information that may help us match you to a job opportunity. You may submit this form whenever you have an update, and the information will be made available immediately to our recruiting team.

If you would like us to make you inactive or to remove you from our system entirely, please email us:

DC Metro Area Inquiries: jobs@flexprofessionalsllc.com

Boston Metro Area Inquiries: bostonjobs@flexprofessionalsllc.com

Due to high volume, we kindly request that candidates NOT call the office.  Please email us, and you will receive a response to your inquiry within 24-48 hours. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

DC Metro Area Inquiries: jobs@flexprofessionalsllc.com

Boston Metro Area Inquiries: bostonjobs@flexprofessionalsllc.com

No problem! Join our mailing list and you will receive our “New Jobs” email with the latest job listings and events every Tuesday morning. This is a great way to get a feel for the types of opportunities out there.


We regularly host webinars, DC metro workshops, and Boston metro workshops to support you on your job search. Our webinars and small-group, hands-on workshops are designed with career re-entry and career transition professionals in mind.

We also have compiled a comprehensive list of Resources for you as you transition or return to work. These include Job Search Readiness, Workplace Readiness, and Technical Readiness resources that will help you land a job you love.


The best way to apply for a job is to go to our Job Postings page and apply online. It is a simple and quick process. By applying online, our entire team will immediately know that you are interested in a job, and they will have direct access to your information. While it may feel as if your application is entering a black hole, we do review every application that comes into our system, and we will reach out to you via phone or email if we think there is a fit between your skills and experiences and our business client’s needs.

There are several ways. After you submit your resume for the first time, you will automatically receive our “New Jobs” emails, which we send every Tuesday morning. (You may unsubscribe anytime by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.) In addition, we post all of our jobs openings online. Lastly, we use social media to advertise new job openings: LinkedIn DC Metro, LinkedIn Boston Metro, Facebook DC Metro, and Facebook Boston Metro.

Please use our Submit Resume form to update us on your availability, work preferences, and any other information that may help us match you to a job opportunity. The form contains an optional text block for your to submit a cover letter or other information about your qualifications. You may submit this form whenever you have an update, and the information will be made available immediately to our recruiting team.

It is impossible to predict. While we follow the same process for each job, every job and client are unique, and the time to fill is often affected by factors outside our control. It generally takes 4-12 weeks to fill a job. Nonetheless, it has taken as few as 24 hours and as long as 8 months to fill a job.

No, we do not send the resumes of all applicants to an employer. Part of our services to our clients is to carefully screen and select only the top candidates that meet both the job requirements and the client’s unique needs.

When you apply for a job through our website, you are applying to us and letting us know that you are interested in a job. We do not submit to the employer the resumes of all candidates who apply for a job. If, however, we submit your resume to our business client and the client is interested in meeting with you, we will give you the name of the company and other helpful information so that you can research the company prior to the interview.


Unfortunately, with 20,000+ professionals in our growing network, we do not interview everyone who submits a resume or applies for a job. We interview the top 3-6 candidates that we are considering for actual jobs we are trying to fill. In addition, we reach out to other job seekers in our network and invite them to interview. We select to interview those job seekers that we believe are most likely to be placed, based on several factors including experience in relation to our clients’ needs, technical skills, desired hours, rate and location.

We know this is frustrating for our job seekers, and for us too. For this reason, we make every effort to connect with our candidates in other ways, including “New Jobs” emails, social media, community events, webinars, DC metro workshops, and Boston metro workshops.

The often impersonal nature of the job search process can be highly frustrating and even demeaning to job seekers. We also know that the more candidates we meet, the better job we do filling our business clients’ needs for talent. In an effort to better support and connect with our candidates, we offer webinars, DC metro workshops, and Boston metro workshops.

We do both. If you are being considered for an actual job, you are likely to be phone-interviewed first. One thing that sets us apart from other staffing agencies is our “high-touch” approach to screening candidates. We will also interview you in person or via video before sending you to interview with an employer.

For DC metro area candidates, we interview at our office, located in the Mason Enterprise Center, 4031 University Boulevard, Fairfax, VA. You must be invited to interview. We use email and an online sign-up system to schedule interviews.

For Boston metro candidates, we schedule interviews at various locations of mutual convenience.

Yes, absolutely. Even if you have yet to be interviewed, you may apply for a job opportunity, and we will review and consider your application. If we think you may be a fit, we will schedule an in-person or video interview prior to interviewing with a client.

No. You only need to interview with FlexProfessionals one time. After that, you will just need to briefly interview via phone so you can learn more about the specific opportunity and we can determine together whether you may be a good fit for the client and job.

After you apply, our process looks like this:

  • We review the resumes and any other information we have on file of all candidates who have applied for the job.
  • We identify the top candidates who are a possible match and conduct a brief phone interview.
  • We narrow the candidate pool further and conduct in-person or video interviews with 3-5 of the strongest candidates. At this point, you will know if we are submitting your resume to the client.
  • If our business client wants to interview you, we will notify you and manage this process.
  • After you interview with a client of ours, we will update you on the status of the placement.

If you apply for a job online, we will notify you via email when the job for which you applied has been filled. If we send you to interview with one of our clients, we will keep you updated on the status of the placement process.


No. All fees associated with employment are paid by the employer, not the job seeker.

It depends. Our business clients have the option to hire you directly into their organization, at which point you would become their employee. We also give our business clients the option to have FlexProfessionals hire you as an hourly employee of ours, at which point your paycheck would come from us. Once you accept an offer, our Account Executive working with you will guide you and explain the payroll process to you.

It depends on the job, but most often our job seekers are placed as W-2 employees. We follow the Department of Labor (DOL) and IRS guidelines regarding job classification. Our Account Executive with whom you are working will discuss your proper job classification with you during the placement process.

If you are hired as an hourly employee of FlexProfessionals, you will receive no benefits.  If you are hired directly by the employer, whether you receive benefits will depend upon the policies of the employer.

Once you are placed by FlexProfessionals, we will not look for a replacement job for you, with two exceptions. The first exception is if you inform your employer at the start of the search process that you are looking for new employment through FlexProfessionals and the employer approves of this. The second exception is when the employee has the bandwidth to take on additional work, and the current employer is open to this kind of arrangement.