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As a business leader, minutes matter. Every minute stolen from an effective leader’s efforts in planning, guiding staff, or managing outcomes slows a company’s potential growth.

What would you do if you were able to save 70+ hours over a month? That’s about how much time it can take to recruit, screen, and vet a new hire – and that’s if the process works efficiently! While most small-to-mid-sized employers turn to recruiting firms only when candidates for a job are hard to find, an equally compelling reason to think about hiring a recruiting firm is the time you can take back to focus on your business.

Let’s break it down…  HR organizations, recruiting agencies, and professional associations have surveyed hiring managers about the time they spend recruiting and hiring. The results of the surveys range from 40 to 100 hours per position over 3 to 6 weeks, largely influenced by factors such as the complexity and level of a job, the recruiting tools used, the hiring processes of an organization, and the general tightness of the labor market. Our internal data agrees with these estimates.

And the recruiting tasks?  We break them down into three stages:

Stage #1: Preparation and pre-screening

    • Develop the job description
    • Post the job
    • Review and down-select resumes
    • Conduct initial phone screens
    • Conduct first round interviews

Stage #2: Critical assessment

    • Conduct additional rounds of interviews with key decision-makers
    • Conduct candidate skills assessments, tests, or exercises

Stage #3: Sealing the deal

    • Conduct reference checks
    • Conduct background and/or criminal checks
    • Negotiate and make an offer
    • Onboard

Stage #2 consumes only about 20% of the process time, but the presence of key hiring managers or business leaders during this stage is essential to evaluating a candidate’s specific skills, cultural fit, and interest in the position.

Yet many business leaders spend an excessive amount of time grappling with Stages #1 and #3, the most time-consuming stages. These stages can be largely outsourced to a high-performing recruiting firm that brings additional advantages including:

  • A much broader candidate pool is cultivated through paid sourcing (such as LI recruiter or targeted job boards) and proprietary sourcing methods (such as newsletters, recruiting events, and social media channels).
  • Honed expertise in evaluating resumes, performing initial screens, and the full hiring process.
  • Industry perspectives on competitive pay rates, job titles, hiring trends, and more factors to help you optimize the process
  • Other specialties or differentiators, such as a high-touch consultative approach, access to an exclusive candidate pool, and expertise in leveraging flexible work arrangements to help your business scale, diversify, and effectively compete for talent.

Reallocate those minutes! By partnering with a recruiting firm, you can free yourself of hours sifting through resumes, chasing slippery candidates, and juggling interview schedules. Save your precious time by engaging in the hiring process only where your minutes matter most.

At FlexProfessionals, our high-touch and consultative process allows you to see qualified candidates quickly and provides access to a screened and untapped talent pool. Save time in hiring, find candidates who meet your hiring criteria, and get ROI on the time you win back to help your business grow.

Ready to save 70 hours? We can help. Contact us today!