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M.A. (Arlington, VA)

  • Marketing and Communications strategist with 13 years of experience in developing customer-centric strategies, communications, employee experience, and events. Experience spans B2B, mass consumption and the non-profit sector. Advanced oral and written bilingual communications skills. Experience working internationally and in diverse markets including services, consumer goods, health, and HR.

  • Extensive experience as an entrepreneur (2016-2020), where she developed the business strategy and led recruitment and training. Her customer centric brand awareness model resulted in 80% of new business coming from positive service referrals.

  • Head of Marketing for a medical equipment distributor (2012-2014). Developed marketing and communications strategy, oversaw event development, and liaised with external providers, boosting marketing and sales performance.

  • Communications and Loyalty Coordinator for a consumer goods company (2007-2008). Managed communications strategy development, events planing and marketing assessment for industrial clients. Led the employee engagement program and the customer experience design, boosting mass consumption sales, relationship-building and business growth of industrial clients.

  • Volunteer Project Leader for Compass Pro Bono-Washington (Jan-May 2023). Developed marketing and communications strategy based on a marketing audit and benchmark of the target market.

  • Proficient in MS Suite, Google Suite, social media platforms, and Slack and Trello for project Management.

  • Master in Marketing, Bachelor in Communications, Bachelor in Advertising, Certificate in Digital Marketing.

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